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Gone 4/5/11...but loved forever

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Thanks for the info on older puzzles. I have many bookmarked and I'll know that there may be a delay in responses or maybe even no comment.


Thank you, petsmom. She was the happiest dog I have ever known in my entire life...and as you can see she had an actual smile to prove it...and lovely, infinitely-curious, almond-shaped eyes. We still think of her...and frequently say, "I miss her." with a, "Me, too." response. Thank you for making me smile.

P.S. Sorry for the delay in responding but as I noted on the peony puzzle...comments on older puzzles don't automatically show up on "Notifications" like the newer-puzzle comments do.

Coffee was a cutie pie! Her smile is captivating. I don't think I've ever seen a happier dog. I know you miss her tremendously. All of the comments are so touching, especially Nikky's poems. Thank you for sharing Coffee with us, gemstone. Your photo is so clear that I feel as though I could reach out and pet her.


Yes, I know what you mean, Faye. My daughter had a very special hamster called Phoebe who was like that - she had such a zest for life and everything was an exciting adventure to her. People may think that hamsters don't have personalities, but they do. It's hard to part with a special pet, and I know what you mean about Coffee being your 'forever dog'. I do believe there is more to this life than we know, and that one day we will be reunited with those we have loved and gone before us. This picture of her captures the personality you have described perfectly. Sending good vibed across from England to you and yours. ((( Hugs ))).


Thank you, Nicky...your poems are have so many talents. :)))

Coffee was one year old when we adopted her from the SPCA. In my entire existence I have NEVER met a happier dog. She brought smiles to everyone's faces and smiled back at them in return...and she had the prettiest almond-shaped eyes. Every day and experience was a new adventure for her. She was bright and curious right up to her last few hours. We still miss her...I think she is my "forever" dog. Hugs


Ah! Here she is! I've found her! I wondered if I could find your avatar puzzle. She has such a look of happiness on her face - I think she must have enjoyed life with you very much. It's so painful to lose beloved ones - pets and humans. I still miss my Connie cat. She used to sleep on the bottom of my bed, and, if I was ill with the M.E., she would only leave me for meals. I wrote this after she passed on 14 months ago, and thought you might like it...

To Connie:
I kiss the place where you once lay -
just enough sunshine, just enough shade,
The indent that your body made,
And cry with grief for you today.
I think of the shared times we once had -
some of them happy, some of them sad -
Remember how my heart was glad
to feel you close and kiss your head.
I think of the time when first I heard -
I'd never again feel your fur,
Never again hear you purr-
How my heart was in a whirl to think I'd lost my sweet little girl
So I stand at the place where you're now laid -
Just enough sunshine, just enough shade -
Your life so cruelly snatched away,
And I cry with grief for you today.

I felt Connie answer me a few days later, so I wrote the following words down...

From Connie:
Open your heart, let it expand, let it grow and grow -
Not in mournful grief, but Love - for there grief cannot go.
I am not here in physical sense, but you can feel my spirit -
Let your heart grow in Love - for in Love there is no limit.
Do not mourn my loss so fierce. In truth I have not left -
Let your heart grow in Love - be not so bereft.
My time had come, I had to go, but there will be another -
Open your heart to grown in Love - Love like there is no other.
For that is the Love you gave to me, you Loved me like no other -
So open your heart to Love again - for there WILL be another.
And they will come, and you will Love, And your heart will grow and grow -
But let not your soul be so downcast - for they, too, one day will go.
And so it is, that circle of Love grows and ever grows -
For it is so when you are chosen, and all of Nature knows
That where He bids us we must go - so we come to you for Love -
Until such time as we are called, and then we must go Home.
So, be not cast down, we are all here, we know you Love us still -
And we Love you, and so it goes - on and on, and ever will.

I hope that helps. Sending Best Wishes to You.


Hello, alidat,

They take a piece of your heart with them, don't they? Do you have another sweetheart now?
It's been almost two years since our Coffee has been gone and thoughts of her can still bring tears to my eyes...I know how you feel, too.


I had almost the same little poodle Heidie, she died too, O, it has been so many years and still miss her.I can feel for you!!!Alida


Afterlife, me, speak of faith, God...we are told God is me pets offer more love and caring than a lot of people so, despite what someone may preach, I prefer to believe in the spirituality of First Nations who always acknowledged the"being" of all animals and thanked those that gave their lives to feed the people. While wild animals may have a "group" soul I feel those that humans come in contact with become individuals in their own right and are here to help us become more loving and caring beings ourselves. So, to me they have souls. I wish you peace and comfort as you grieve yet again, narcoleptrix.


Thank you, gemstone, for your encouragement. And you too, yacanto... your experience with the psychic is amazing! I can honestly say I'm really not sure what I believe when it comes to being reunited with our special pets. I've always been told that "animals don't have souls" and therefore can't exist in any sort of Afterlife... I don't believe for an instant that Krissy didn't have a soul, she had more of a soul than some people I've met! I lost an infant to SIDS nine years ago, and there have been times over the years when I've felt her presence, and my six year old daughter used to play with "her sister" as a toddler, before we'd even told her about Kay. I'd like to think that Krissy is 'around' as well...


You are very lucky, know your guardian angel...may the awareness his presence bring you comfort at this painful time. Blessings.


I know our pets wait for us, I have been blessed by visits from my special 'heartdog' Blake since his passing over 15 years ago. I have seen him once but felt his presence many times.
I had a physic visit my home and although she did not know me or Blake she described him to me in detail and told me he was sitting at my side. I know he is with me always.


gemstone, I read peggybee's comment - WOW! - I must tell you it choked me up and was very inspiring for me..
Her father was truly Blessed with a prelude to life hereafter and by sharing his dream, I'm sure it brought comfort to his family, knowing he was on his way to reunite with all his four legged pals, never to part again.. My guess is he knew about the Rainbow Bridge, but if he didn't, it's for certain he's well aware of it now... Thanks for sharing - BTW, I too believe as her dad..


Your welcome, Kathy, and thank you for sharing...and for sharing our Coffee's memory...we still think of her every day. :)


My father-in-law had what could have been this little ones twin sister, named Suzette. Although an ornery old man with humans, there was nothing he would not do for her. Thanks for sharing your furkid with us.
@ peggybee ~ As a 'tough old broad', I don't usually cry at what people post, but tears sprung to my eyes immediately while reading your comment. Oh, how I pray it is so!!!


Thank you, mhughes. We think of Coffee every day, but being able to chat about her keeps her memory vibrant and brings more smiles than tears now. Enjoy your little Fang and give him/her a snuggle from me.


I'm so very sorry for your loss!


Thank you, puzzaddled. My sister called her "the smile-maker". She was one compact bundle of joy and love! Blessings to you, and snuggles and kisses to Bonnie, Meara, and Darcy.


Just found this little one and had to smile, if a little poignantly, at the wonderful expression of happiness on her cute face. We, like so many others below, have shared similar losses but rejoice that we had these "friends" grace our lives; so much richer and better for sharing it with them. Blessings from us and "puppy love" to you from Bonnie, Meara & Darcy.


Thank you, Ank. You're right...part of your heart goes with them when you lose them...but pets are such a blessing...a gift from God to show you what unconditional love really is. Enjoy your Micky and blessings to you all.


Hi Faye, I just found this beautiful photo of Coffee. And you are right she looks very happy, she is laughin. I know how it is to lose a dog, it's loosing a child. I did read your comments so I understand that you gived her a great life. I'm sure she is looking from up there how you are doing.


Hi, June,
I like your Noggin. They all have their own personalities and quirks, don't they? Coffee NEVER misbehaved and was the happiest dog I have ever met in my entire life. However, her intense curiosity (right up until the evening she died) did make her oblivious to other things so we never dared let her off leash in the city. It was a joy to see her chase waves on the shore and squirrels up trees at my sister's. We rescued her at one year of age and had her for nearly 13 years...we were so blessed. Cheers, Faye


had my Noggin for 15 years until 3 years ago, he was a great companion if a little grizzly at times


As you watch them age you dread the day so much. But the pain of losing them is worth all the joy and blessings they bring to our lives. They teach us gentleness and how to love. I wish you many more healthy years with Fuzzy.


So sorry for your loss. Fuzzy kitty is 17 years old now... and he has been with us since he was 5 weeks old. It is so difficult to loose a treasured pet.


Thanks for your input Faye, yes over the years every thing looks different. It looks to me like the world is shrinking. The Army Camp is still in full use, we love those Cadet's, always so proud when they march. You will not recognize
Kelowna, it is a BIG City. Take care, Erna


Hi, Erna,

My parents used to take us camping to Sam's at Wood Lake for a number of years in the late 50's and early 60's. You sure wouldn't recognize the place today. I remember when the Capri Hotel was the absolute end of Kelowna!
My girlfriend's dad and brother were at the Vernon Army Camp during that time frame, too. Haven't been through Vernon in about 10 years but it sure had grown then so I imagine it's even larger now. We have a family friend who retired to Penticton under the same circumstances as you...used to vacation there and fell in love with it. Cheers, Faye


I used to be a Vancouverite bud I do now live in Vernon, Okanagan Valley.
Relative a small City, I like it be its cause it feels like a Village. My Hubby & I came up to Vernon every Year for our 3 weeks "time-out". it was MY favourite
Place since the 1950th. so when My hubby retired we moved here, build a house & lived happy ever after until 4 1/2 yrs, ago. Sold the big house had a small one build ; 22 1/2 yrs. ago My hubby died and I'm still here... end of my lief story.... bless you. Erna


They take a little part of your heart with them when they go, don't they?

Edlwis, I get the impression that you are in Vancouver. Am I right...or wrong? Faye


SHe was adorable !! I'm sad for you that she's no more. I lost my Bichon Frise
over 1 year ago & still miss him.....


Thank you, she was, and sweet memories still bring smiles and an "I sure miss her."


what a little sweetie...


Goosebumps, peggybee! I feel the same way you do. Thank you for sharing, and re-assuring.


She sure has a BIG smile and I imagine you miss her every day. A solace for me, just a few days before my dad unexpectedly died, he shared a dream he'd had the night before. All the dogs of his life were running across a field toward him. I know they are waiting for us.


Thank you, Nancys. Coffee was actually a terripoo (according to those who know) so had a double dose of intelligence and energy and was the happiest dog I've ever met in my entire can see her smiling in the picture. Like you, we still miss her. Thank you for visiting.


I had 3 consecutive poodles and I miss them still. You had a great little dog.


Thank you puzzlerqueen. I haven't checked my comments from earlier puzzles posted so sorry for the delay in responding. We still miss know each time you say or do something that she particularly responded to...and there's only a memory. However, we are adjusting and actually have enjoyed puppy sitting for a friend...for a short time.


So sorry your little one is gone she is happy now , just like mine they are all playing together , and they are allways alive in our hearts .

So sorry for your loss. They truley touch our lives and are sorely missed.. The memories they leave behind are very precious


She is a beautiful little dog, and she will live in your heart forever. It is just amazing how much we love our pets. I have always had pets and loved them every one. My babies I have now are 13 year old Westies, Marco and Polo. I love them so much and hate to think of them getting older. God Bless and Keep you.


God Bless you and your family. My Chou Chou (a poodle) is playing with your baby. I am so sorry for your loss, but know that you gave her a wonderful home.


Thank you all for your kind words...we appreciate your concern and understand your losses. Blessings to you all.


Losing a beloved dog is a very painful experience! So many of us have gone through this. We never forget them as they are a part of us always. Your little charmer lives forever in your mind and heart. Though it may be difficult, give your love to another dog who desperately needs it. I waited 5 years after a beloved left, but now I have a little RESCUE Bichon Frise who is the light of my life. We rescued each other.


My heart aches for you. She has lots of company now though, including my beloved Gypsy. You never forget the ones you've lost, but you can love other pets - there are so many more needing a good home.


What a grand little dog. Please accept my sincerest condolences on your loss. I know that my little Jaws and Daisy are playing with her now. ;)


Thank you. She was a sweetheart and is missed every day...her unquestioning love, infinite curiosity, and absolute cheekiness. A rescue puppy that we were blessed with for almost thirteen years.


i am very sorry for your loss :(