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Squares and Triangles

100 pieces
181 solves
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Sue, I don't think there is anyone else on Jigidi who has as much fun as you do. :-)


A lot of fun....bright, clear colors, a little bigger than I usually do, but enjoyable, Wendy. Thanks. 7:49


Pat, I'm still waiting for the first check from you! I think I may have forgotten though, how much you charged me for the boxed set of spaceships....or whatever the heck they were that I purchased.

chilisand, this is funny. I just mentioned to PJ how she's starting to sound like you and whatnauts when you both make requests. And then here you are, 'suggesting' a larger size. Now though, you make me wonder. I've noticed that you've downsized in that you are now willing to do smaller puzzles than the super large ones, so I no longer know what your favorite size is. Do you know? ;-)


Oh, you should make this one larger, it was great fun. Thank you!


Loved it!!! I kept getting confused, but it was a good confusion, because it made me look at the colors more closely--I guess I'll have to start saving up to buy some more from you! :-)))