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Ok for Landing

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As I was leaving the Post Office at the Airport yesterday a Delta Plane was arriving...


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Thanks Robbie I do too.. Nice to see you


Nice shot PK, I love seeing them in the air, thanks.


Katie I had a express mail env that was late and they tried to tell me that it wasn't guaranteed.. I just laughed that them and got the next one already paid for... that's when the girl at my regular PO told me those people weren't part of the postal service and not to listen to them...


Thanks Pat! It has become quite obvious that the people at the 800 number cannot help at all!


Katie I don't really know but I always thought it was Twin Rivers Dr the phone 614-469-4267 you could call them. Don't try to call the 800 number because that isn't the postat service at all... Those people have no clue as to what is going on ... I go to the airport as they are open when the other offices are closed and I need to get the express mail env in Houston by Tues.. So I can get paid..

Lorna thank you very much ... It was fun having all those poeple looking at me like I was nuts.. Taking a picture of a plane coming in...


Great photo Pat!


Great shot Pat! Is the PO at the airport the main PO for Columbus now? I've been wondering how to contact our Postmaster due to delivery problems I've been having since November. Important mail is not getting to me - like gas bill, electric bill, internet service bill, new health insurance ID cards just to name a few. Calling the USPS call center to make reports and talking to people in the Consumer Affairs office hasn't helped at all.


Thank you gnt have a nice day....
Sis It had quit by the time I got to the post office..... but got a snow squall last night at home last night didn't last long either... it is only 31 days until spring so the weather will start getting better all though we have had snow until the middle of April...


Is it still snowing? Here it's cold but we will have a few days without snow and rain. Let's hope spring will come soon.


great set


I didn't think I was going to see one coming in... I had to work yesterday doing our invoicing.. and when I don't get things done by 2:00 pm I have to go to the airport to mail it... Columbus International Airport is pretty busy... I was surprised there wasn't anymore coming in...


Nice photo, PK


Thanks Jim..


We had a snow storm go thru on my over to the post office it was horrible driving. The landing strip is on the backside where the post office is... Didn't think I would get to see any planes coming in.. Look up and there it pulled over and waited...


Nice picture, Pat!


Rather cloudy. I can see the landing lights on. Great picture, not so great skies. Thanks, Pat.