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Happy ''BELATED'' Birthday Davvid06520

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Thanks, Ankje, I am old enough anyway!



Happy Birthday dear David. Sorry that I'm this late. But I just did not know. I hope you had a great day.


Hi photogent & Robbie & David ~ I'm happy you guys saw this to join in wishing David a ''Happy - bit late - Birthday''with me.
David, I'm pleased you liked your card and do hope you enjoyed your special day!!! All the best!!!
And now I will let you know the reason I was so long in replying to all. A friend & neighbor took me to late lunch & movie for my birthday which was back in September. Now that's ''belated''!!! LOL


Many Cakes, this is wonderful, thank you so much! You got in the music, the trees, the stones, and even the cross-stitch samplers. Very well done and I do appreciate it. The rock concert in the left corner is extra funny.

Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes - I never buy regular birthday cards at the store, I only buy from the "Belated Birthday" cards in stock. So I never mind a missed day. Just so there's cake in there somewhere...

Now maybe Yellowgal can give Photogent some singing lessons. mimi mimi mi....


Many happy returns David, I forget mine sometimes so I never remember others! Lovely card cakes, he will love it.


Happy better late then never Birthday many numbers. They are playing your tune.


LOL Thanks for the ''tune'' yellow!!! :)))

Dang ! I knew the date of your birthday but must have been having a senior moment so here goes;
Happy Belated Birthday to you, Happy Belated Birthday to you, Happy Belated ^ (voice going up)
Birthday to yooooouuuu, Happy Belated Birthday to you !!!!

Thanks, Joyce for this neat card, it's perfect me thinks :))


Hi Reba ~ Sue posts the list of birthdays on the forum. Beginning of each month will post that month's b'days. There is also a ''file'' button to click to get b'days for the year!!! Sue posts a reminder 1 week ahead of each birthday. :))))


I ditto all the Birthday Wishes to davvid06520 & enjoyed the puzzle esp. the cute Eye Rocks which I'm gonna have to a-hunting for. Got distracted by breakfast so it took longer, meanwhile, how does anyone know when B-days come up? Clueless further west than Seattle.


Thanks lela & Jan ~ I feel so terrible when I miss a birthday. I enjoy trying to make a card to fit the person (if I'm given enough info) otherwise if I know the date only, I still try to make a card for them. It's fun for me to make them & hopefully fun for the bithday person. :)))
Jan ~ I have some info about your likes but no date!!!!


Cute puzzle, Joyce!!


David - I hope your day was wonderful and that your year will be fantastic! Jan


Alas and alack - I completely forgot the unforgettable day!.........HAPPY DAY-AFTER-BIRTHDAY, david-many-numbers!........(Thanks cakes, for your thoughtfulness).......


Happy Birthday davvid06520 ~ Sorry I'm late but hope you had a fantastic day and that the year ahead is great!!! :)))))