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For Ank - Is this what you wanted to see?

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107 solves
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Hi Janazlouky, thanks and good taste in T-shirts!


Hi Robbiel, suits you, I have a similar t-shirt,with the labrador puppies and MOM, thank you


Glad you do rob, looks scary to me, thanks.

Silly me Celeste, you lttle cutie you!


Love it Robbie. think ya forgot the chef's hat. :) giggles..


I like it!! Thanks Robbie.


HAHA, that's a good one OM and Lela will probably hook it up to one of Doc's inventions!! Thanks.

Thanks Shirley.

You're too kind Hanne.

Thanks BJ, I guess that's what Ank wanted.

You're too much Ank, glad you like it and thanks a lot. Yes you made it!!


And I forget, I did solve this one 4x, I wanted to be on the board. lol


Wow, so handsome. Robbie you look lovely like this. I become almost jealous of Jenny. lol
YES Robbie this is what I wanted, you look swell. Thanks. I save the photo.


Looks better on....


Nooo, Robbie, I mean you AND the wolf!!


I do like this one Robbie, and you wear it well,Thanks Robbie.


Yarnover, were you talking about the wolf or Robbie when you said "one of nature's noblest creatures"?!

Robbie, I can't wait to see what lela's going to do with your head now.....


Thanks yellow, T-shirts modeled by Bermuda Dork!!!

My goodness, Mr. Robbie . . . I can envision the millions rolling in for you. . . could model for the Mountain T Shirt Co. !!!! (Jenny would take the photos of course)


We must have crossed Healer, thanks and Owooooooooo back!!

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.................Thanks Tex!

I guess they are good for something bookish, thanks.

Thanks Buck, I like your cute puzzles, glad to see you creating now.

Thanks Glad.

More like one handsome wolf chickie! Thanks.

Hee-Hee!.......Thanks gem.

That's the one snooker, thanks.

Oh no........with a cleaver Lela?! Thanks!

It is chooks, I agree!! Thanks.

Says you who knows all their names and says "sweetie", wears skimpy shorts and shows his muscles!!!! Thanks mate.

Ohhh thanks Hanne, I know you mean the wolf!!


Ohhhh, good-looking!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


you are a playboy Robbie, all women are crazy about you!


Nice lookin' ............wolf !!!!


Good thinking, precious-pebble!!.......Off with his head!......

That's your Sunday-go-to-meeting shirt.


Now lela has a sunglass-free image to work with...hee hee! :)))


Two handsome fellows.


Nice fit. Looks good on you!!


Love your wolf tee shirt Robbie! And that you buy them from a place that shares proceeds with charity. There's a little shop I like near me called World Bazaar that carries mostly free trade items. They often have wonderful things from underdeveloped countries.


Am smiling back at you. Notice more of Jenny's white walls - perfect background for your Tshirts.


What a sexy good looking hunk! It's a sheep in wolf's clothing!


Hi SMor, thanks, I don't like to pose but Ank ORDERED me to do it!!

Hi vskome, you know several other people have mentioned that.........I WONDER???!!! Thanks.

Thanks PK, I'll take a break though, save some for february! Thanks.

Thanks YO, going to make the cauliflower soup today, thanks.

Hi Nana, yes it is a Mountain shirt, but we buy them from Ardith Keefe in Maine. Part of the cost goes to a charity. Thanks.

Yes Lela, I understand.........I now have my granny's double chin!!! Thanks.

Hi Mimi, today I'm charming.....yesterday I was SASSY!!! Thanks.


A wolf in wolf's clothing! Owwwoooooooooo.


Ank is going to get a big kick out of this. And so do I you charming guy!


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!..................(not the wolf!).............


Handsome're looking great! Did you buy that shirt from "The Mountain"? They sell this type of shirt. I like it a lot!

Great shot.
The shirt is perfect---on of nature's noblest creatures.


Looking Good there Robbie .... love the shirt


You're always smiling, Robbie, always charming, but the prints on your T-shirts reveal some ferocious nature.... Some incompatibility, I'd say. Are you hiding your true self somewhere deep deep inside?...


Looking good Robbie.... :) :)