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Angus Folk Museum

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The museum is housed in a terraced row of six traditional cottages and a farm steading, and displays the collection of Jean, Lady Maitland, which was gifted to the nation in the 1950s and is administered by the National Trust for Scotland.
This cornucopia of domestic and agricultural artifacts and memorabilia illustrates the daily life of the ordinary people of rural communities in Angus in the 18th Century and 19th centuries.
The steading houses 'Life on the Land' - tools, machinery, and interesting bits and pieces from bygone farmyards, as well as the rather grand Glen Isla Hearse - a horse-drawn hearse used in the Glen for many a year.


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Me too!


You're welcome...and thank you Lorna, Celeste, PLG, chickie, pumpkin, Morris and PG. Yes, PLG, it's great that you can now write a description. There are a number of changes that are really good. One thing I like is that if you make a mistake in the title of your puzzle, you can go back in and change it. I also like the way you can see the puzzles of just your favorites.


Another wonderful picture LJ just keep them coming.


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Folk Museums are such great places. Thanks for sharing this one with us.


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Great picture Laurajane


Beautiful row of cotages, and the museum they now house sounds fascinating.