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Blackout Blanks (Smaller)

48 pieces
289 solves
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Teddy bear? Um....sure, that's what it is, and it's munching on nuts from the nut goddess, lela... (I've been trying to catch up on the adventures of the grannycopter and carrier-not-passenger pigeons and your good/bad childhood angel... You all kept very busy while I was gone!).

The full moon didn't help, and I'm sorry I couldn't get it contained any sooner, Ardy. Around here, we mostly have scores of trees uprooted and flung about on houses, cars, and wires, which is why it took so long to get power back. I'm glad you came through okay, and I hope that there's no problem with Robbie besides possibly no power or no internet... Hugs to you as well!


You're right, Pat. It's not filled with exciting imagery but there is that full moon that was responsible for so much of the flooding destruction. Glad to see you now have it (the moon) contained. There are things piled upon things unfortunately like boats and cars and trees etc. Of the ones I know about in your area I know that you and Wendy and Josie are ok with minor damage. I don't know that anything has been heard from Robbiel in Bermuda since before the storm. Pat, love having you back. Hugs.


Is that a teddy bear in the corner?.........(just askin')......


Good question! It's really not filled with exciting imagery...! :-DDD


I love the shapes and colors in this puzzle, Pat. I wonder what Ardy is going to see in this. LOL!


Thanks, Francine--it's good to be back! As far as the title goes, it just sort of came to me for some reason...! :-D


Welcome back, Pat!
...Wonder how you came up with this title...:)..:)