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The White Rock Inn, Underriver, Kent. Photo by Richard Croft

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Thanks for the info Sue! Always good to learn something new. :-))


Free house means the landlord owns the pub and can get his beer from any brewary rather than a pub owned by the brewers in which case you have to use their ale. I looked on their website to see if they did B&B, they don't. The surroundings, food and choice of beers sound very good. Thanks Kari, I'm pleased you enjoyed this puzzle...Sue

Beautiful place. Is this a pub or a perhaps a B&B? And what do they mean by "Free House"? Thanks for a fun puzzle Sue! :-))


Hi there Phyllis, it's nice to see you doing puzzles. Speed doesn't matter it's the enjoyment that counts and I'm glad you are enjoying the puzzles. Thanks...Sue


Hi Sue, another good puzzle, just so slow these days. Still and but, I enjoyed it very much.


I saw that meaning 'under the hill' too, it's odd but then we do have some odd names and pronunciations.
Do you still have deep snow where you are kevin and has you Grandson managed to get out there and have some fun? Sue

Lakehoney, thank you for you nice comment...Sue

This is my favorite puzzler!!


Intriguing name of the village, strange that something that looks like "under river" actually means "under the hill". Its good to learn something new each day - kevin