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Not pretty, but funny in our birdbath.

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Hi JB, it is fun to watch our birds have fun in the bath. No firearms allowed, only the bad guys can have them!!!!
Yes snooker, sure does look like the poser!
Hi EF, thank you and all is well now. Leslie passed by this afternoon and weather settling down. Hope all is well with you also.


He's so cute!
Hope all is well with you over there.

Take a picture why dontcha.


Love this little cutie! Birds will bathe in any standing water, so this is really sweet! And a cannon bird's nest - I love it. But, I do have to ask - no firearms are permitted at all on Bermuda? Wow! I love that!


That is so cool Pilley, thanks and I will look out for any you post.
HEY ROBBOS...........I didn't bother you!!
Hi OM, I see them both listed, what a coincidence. Thanks.
Hi Hanne, maybe 'cute' would have been a better description! Thanks.
There you go PK, you said it! Thanks.


Cute Robbie


Not pretty?? You can't be serious! - and born in a cannon!! Must have a lot of pow(d)er then. Just wait and see when it grows bigger!! Thanks so very much Robbie!


There was "Arnie, the Darling Starling" and also "Arnie and a Room Full of Company" by Margarete Corbo. I have both of them. How funny!




One thing that is fun when shooting off the bowling ball cannon is that the finger holes in the bowling ball make the ball sound like a flock of geese when it is shot, who would have thought? He did the golf ball cannon for his company's golf tournament for who could do the longest golf ball shot, he won! because they did not specify that the ball had to be hit with a club. We are going to see him in a couple of weeks and maybe I will get a couple of photo's and post. Thanks for the memories.


OOPS, looks like I crossed with a couple of friends, sorry.
Hi Pilley that is really interesting, I love cannons but all firearms are prohibited in Bermuda, so although we have some, they are replicas only. BOWLING BALLS??!! Now THAT is a CANNON!!! I'm impressed, thanks.
Hi PLG, thanks, it is a darling!
Thanks bookish, I hope all goes well and thanks.
I see it PPM, I'll order it, thanks.
Hi PG, Who would have thunked birdbath!
Hi yellow, it is funny, thanks.

"Are you looking at ME?" Poor little guy, no privacy in this world. Robbie, I love that they are born in the cannons (what better use), that is too funny. Birds in the bath are so amusing, you are blessed to be entertained like that.

PG: you have a byrd bath, as well . . . interesting... there,what kinds of bryds stop by to visit?


A byrd in a byrd bath who would have thunked? They must produce these all over the world because I have one like it too.


There is a wonderful book called, if memory serves, "Arnie the Darling Starling." Find it and enjoy!


Hi, responded on my puzzle. Thanks, Robbie.


Yes Hawkeye Lela, it held a small concrete bird which cracked and fell off. I would have damaged the bath trying to pull it out!
Hi Carole, thanks, solved the puzzle and left a comment. What a shame about your old home, but lucky for you.
Thank you Sindy and all back at you! We are snug and all the blinds are pulled in. We are getting storm winds now and a bit stronger tomorrow, but at least it will not hit us directly.
Yes Shirley, they do! They are so funny, they get their heads all the way in and really make a fun fuss! Thank you.


Awwww, darling!


What are you looking at, I'm only having a bath!! so many captions come to mind on this one, Thanks Robbie.

Thanks, Robbie! My "birding" education is...well, a process! Hope and pray your are safe in the path of the storm! Look forward to your posts...that means you are still able to do so! Look forward to all of the education you provide! Love and kisses to you and yours! XOXOXO, SO!


I posted a pic for you yesterday of my matching birds in it, just leaves. It doesn't have a nail on it though. Glad to hear Leslie will pass you by. I checked Google Earth the other day...out of curiosity...and the Galveston Bay house we once had evidently was wiped out by Hurricane Ike, September 12, 2008. We sold it in 1994...good thing. Sad to see a former home gone though.


Is that a nail on the side of the bath?....(just wonderin'....)


Hi MC, thank you.
Hello Sindy, It is a baby Starling, explanation below you. Thanks.
Yes they do TC and thank you we are comfy and waiting for Leslie to go by to our east tomorrow.


My son builds cannons and birds do not have a chance in them as he lights them off now and then. Has built ones that shoot bowling balls, tennis balls, golf balls, etc. Always something interesting on jigidi, thanks.


Awww I like starlings: they glitter in the sun! Hope you are safe down there Robbie.

Idunno--he looks lovely to me. What is he?


This is a baby Starling and one we think born in my cannons. Yes the Starlings build nests in four of my outside cannons and the young make a racket for a few weeks waiting to be fed! They are so funny in the bath, they go crazy and stay for ages. I personally like them.

is beautiful