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More pillows for everyone

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I think you're right, Junee.
Thanks, Kitty. I think I'm starting to come out on the other side. I actually had some jello and applesauce last night, the first food I've had in eight days.

Sorry to hear you are not well. Sounds like really nasty stuff. Take care of yourself.


oh no not the famous Bugosi carrier pigeons, I reckon they just find a quiet corner and drink the stuff themselves

lelabugosi'll only have to hold on till Christmas.......(more or less).....


Thanks so much, Kirsten, June, Edie, Gwen, Faye, lela, Jan, Catherine and Robbie, for your good wishes. Norovirus is really nasty, my first bout, and I'm still far from over it. I could have up to another week of not being able to keep anything in. You all KNOW how sick I must be to not even want to be on Jigidi... Lela, please send tadpole meds by carrier pigeon.


Very nice puzzle OM, thanks. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Best wishes for a speedy rcovery.


Hi Gail, hope in a speedy recovery... auguri and all the best........


Hope you are feeling better, Gail!
Great, warm puzzle!


Oops....I dozed off again!....................(tadpole medicine on the way)......


Hope you are feeling better really quickly. Hugs all 'round.


I am very sorry to read that you have been so ill, Gail. My Best Wishes to you for a speedy recover and a hug for Norton.


Gail I'm so happy to see you up and around again. I was missing your puzzles and comments and was starting to worry. Novo virus is a nasty thing. I remember there was an outbreak at a nursing home where I was volunteering and almost 100% of the residents were infected. Of course they shut it down to visitors. I was just reading about it online and some of the headline from Jan. and Feb. include things like 'novovirus bugs sweeps the nation' and 'New Novovirus epidemic on it's way'. Sounds pretty scary. Anything that happens in the States always makes it's way up here. I sure hope you and Norton are on the road to better health. Well being and ease and thanks for the puzzle, I enjoyed it.


Wow, Hi Gail I am sending my best wishes that you will soon feel much better and Shazzaannie asked me to pass on her good wishes too. Hugs


Thank you for my lovely pillow Gail. I hope that when I see you tomorrow, you're feeling much better. :)))