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Kolorful Kaleido Krowd! (S)

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30 pieces
99 solves
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This is a "blast from the past." 2016 to be accurate. I hope you enjoy them this time, too. (*ᴗ*)


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Your uplifting comments have made me smile. I appreciate you all so much!

Thank you Sandi, Laura, Francine, em4h96, Ardy, Kirsten, BeeKay and Joyce!!!! (*ᴗ*)


Fantabulous! Instead of your beautiful balloons, it's brilliant bubbles!! Just gorgeous and love the deep, bold colors. Many thanks again, Jan .·:*¨¨*:·.❤️.·:*¨¨*:·.


I have to bookmark for now, but Jan...I love this!! Each kal looks so pretty and the one with the tree is a fun surprise. This definitely is worthy of posting more than once♥


Your kaleidos always have been, always will be, BEAUTIFUL! (❛ᴗ❛)


Gorgeous, Jan. Wonder if I had favorites then. I do now. Not in any order but along the bottom on the left the pink and green one then over toward the right the blue with pink center and the pink one beside it. Then up on the right side next to the top the pink, green and white star. The rest will have to settle for second place. The most unusual would have to be the one with the tree in it. Thanks, Jan. Lots of fun. ((HUGS))

Enjoyed this puzzle


W♥W, Jan! They're gorgeous, especially that large bottom right pink one, and of course, your tree one. Thanks.


Great fun, Jan! Thank you.


Fun solve! Thanks, Jan.