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Yellow Quilts - small

45 pieces
132 solves
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This is a pretty puzzle, Mo. I have enjoyed your yellow ones this week.


All I know about him personally is that he's British and lives in Spain. I'll send you a link to a puzzle by email.


Maybe I will introduce myself one of these times. Wouldn't you love to know more about who lelabugosi really is?


Hi Mo, thanks for your kind words. I've lowered Norton's dose of the regular meds a little, and will hopefully lower it even more as time goes by and he tolerates the inhaler better.

Mad hatters is certainly a correct analysis of life in Bugosiville. I can't keep up with the wit as much as I'd like, but I do throw in some stories every now and then. The imagination of all the participants is astounding. Such a funny group of people, and the story keeps changing as each participant adds a new wrinkle or twist to the never-ending story of the Bugosis and Barloffs. Even if you can't read much, you can still join in on the humor if you like. There were three "lurkers" today who came forward and said they didn't contribute but loved reading the stories. Maybe you should introduce yourself. Or, if you like, I will do it for you.


Yes, I remember BooBoo would squirm too, she didn't understand what was going on poor darling. But I do think they know we love them wouldn't do anything to harm them. I hope it helps a little. It's better than the alternative in the long run. I'd do anything I could to help and love being your friend. Wish I had a magic wand to give you that would make it go away. How is everything in Bugosiland or wherever it is lelabegosi and his band of mad hatters live. I can't keep up with all of that but what little I do read is quite keenly written.


Good morning, Mo. Hope your day goes well. Norton is just beginning to tolerate the inhaler. He is resigned to sitting there while I administer it. I think he knows I mean business when it comes to his health, although I feel bad when he squirms and gets afraid of the contraption, but I know it's for his own good. Thanks again for being such a great friend.