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Strange Swirlerfly

49 pieces
188 solves
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Thanks, Mandy--I think adding those colors really "made" the puzzle! LOL!


I've finally let this beauty escape from my bookmarks folder, thanks Pat - it's so delicate and I love your background colours. :~)


Thanks, Kathy! This and the NBC one seem to have been the most popular "flies" I've made in a long time! That makes me very happy! :-)))


Count me in with the crew - this is a particularly beautiful fly, and the colors are fantastic!!!


Thanks so much, Rosie, Aishahm, and Jan--my flies are well-bred and brought up, so they're welcome in even the most exclusive places! LOL! I can see both the nests with eggs and the hearts--I love it when we can see more than one image in a puzzle! :-)))


colorful, they look like hearts.


Hey Pat, the theme starting tomorrow is "round and oval things". A larger version of this would certainly fit the theme!


The ovals in the middle of each section remind me of bird nests filled with eggs.


This is just incredible. Swirlerfly indeed! I keep telling you I would inhabit anyplace that had your kind of flies instead of the ugly black things I chase with a rolled up newspaper or fly swatter. Again thank you for all of the wonderful puzzles.


Thanks so much, Janine, whatnauts, and PJ! I was really happy with the way this turned out, especially because the 4 oval sections broke up the background into discreet sections that I could then color in contrasting shades. I think that helped it! :-)))


Oh Pat - georgeous, wonderful - so delightful :-))) And a new word - 'swirlerfly' - just great.


Another gorgeous specimen, PD. Another of my fav's :))))

Pat, beautiful colors and design....makes a great puzzle, Janine


Thanks so much, Barb. Edie, and Katie--good old LunaPic gallops to the rescue again! LOL! It really does do fun things to the colors. And I know what you mean about top half and bottom half--only I would add the left and the right, as well! :-)))


This is a most beauteous swirlerfly Pat! I so love how the colors intensified from the original swirl. Thanks ever so much!


Well Pat even if it had been a repeat I hope you wouldn't have taken it off. I love these puzzles of yours because I'm always guessing if a piece is from the top half or the bottom half. Please keep looking for new species. Thanks


Oh my, Pat, you can't fool Ardy ... she really has been listing all these strange sightings. LOL
Pretty swirlerfly and fun as always to solve. :-)


Oh, Ardy, you scared me! I thought you meant that I'd already posted this one before, and I almost took it off! But then I checked your citation, and I realized you just meant the name Swirlerfly was the same. Phew! Well, that's better--they do come in different varieties! :-)))


This rare fly was first sighted on January 17, 2013 on your other profile. It's reappearance has been recorded. It looks a little cross-eyed but otherwise in great shape. Thanks, Pat.