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Flower Squares..... (SM)....

108 pieces
278 solves
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You got it... Its 3200 x 2400 pixels... Pretty big... Should maintain clarity as an 8 x 10 or maybe even larger, if you want... Will get it to you through the forum.... Ooroo.... :) :)


Yes please Sally! Actually what size is the original? Better check I suppose. Ta!


Thanks, Whattie... We gotta have our purple... Life without purple is just.... Well, a tad drab.. :) :)

Hi, Maria... Thank you, glad you like the colors.... :) :)

Thank you Anne.... You may have it for your wall... If you want the original size, I can get it to you through the forum... Let me know... I like creating this style so you'll will probably get your wish for more.... Ava good one... :) :)


As a whole this is just beautiful Sally. The royal purple with the flowers on it is gorgeous - want one for my wall please! More of these puzzles too, please dear. Thank you.


Well done, great colors!


This is really great, SMor. Nice deep colours, and of course, purple :))))))))