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A rectangle tangle :)) I

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130 solves
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Good morning Edith, I think you are right. Next time I will remember and pass the schematics on to them for better work. LOL
Thanks for making me laugh in my very late morning and now I'm better of to fix some lunch or I won't get anything to eat today. :))
Have a nice day. :))


LOL I never thought about geometry when I made this one, Ardy. But I used to enjoy geometry at school. I'm happy that you enjoyed putting all the rectangles together and had some fun doing so. :))
I still haven't managed to get rid of that nasty cough that went with the flu but it is slowly getting better, I mostly ignore it. :))
I got up three quarter of an hour earlier, which gave me some time in Jigid, but I won't make it a habit LOL.
Have a good day yourself. :)))


Dagmar, I think that you have inadvertently stumbled across the schematics for the plumbing in your building. No wonder they had such a problem fixing your pipes. Maybe if you had given them this they could have fixed it faster. Thanks so much a great little puzzle.


This looks like a nightmare of a geometry problem. If pink has an area of X square and red's area is the same the what is the area of the yellow? But if I can divorce this from a math problem it becomes a delightful puzzle - bright, cheerful and fun. Thanks, Dagmar.

Saw your greeting at Kirsten's. Thanks. You are up early today!! Have you tossed off the final remnants of the flu? Have a good day.


Thanks Kirsten for telling me, it could have stayed up there all day without me noticing. LOL
Glad you liked the rectangles, they are not very artistic but they are lots of colourful fun to solve as a puzzles and they are quite a lot of fun to make. :)) Thanks for your morning/evening visit and enjoy the rest of your night. :)) I hope that temperatures are finally back to bearable. I remember similar Septembers here, when you hardly can remember how it feels to be cold and the only thing you want to see is grey skies and lots of rain. :))


Muchas gracias Dagmar!! (methinks you forgot to rename this one when you posted it! LOL) But regardless of what it's called, it was beautiful and great fun as usual. Thanks very much RW1!! :)))