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Jarrow March day 11 Chesterfield Canal Visitor Centre

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just heard something on the radio today that made my blood boil. Everything has skyrocketed in price this year and food is set to go through the roof. We have food handout places so the poor people can at least eat. You know how figures can be produced and jiggery pokery mucked about with - well it seems September is the month at which inflation is used to base the rise in pensions for the next april. In a year that I personally have seen my food prices rise by 20% inflation, in September it is running at - wait for it - 2% so that's the rise we will be looking forward to despite that gas prices have also gone up 20% this year. People are going to be hungry and old folks won't eat, but what the hell that might cull a few thousand of them. good job my Gran taught me how to make potato pasties, oh hold on potato prices are set to go up by er 20% because of the drought or too much rain or whatever. Can't wait to see next month's inflation figures, I predict around 8%


Thanks for the link to Youtube June, it was a very moving thing to watch. 1936 my dad was 19 then and couple of years later he enlisted in the British Army. I wondered as I watched the film footage just how many of those men enlisted as well, maybe they ended up in Belgium like dad.

You know I didn't notice the shoes at all. Just the strain on the faces of the men, and I wondered how the women were managing at home. It was a time we never want to see again, but sadly who knows just what is ahead, these days are hard on people worldwide I think.

Thanks June


and the real dog that joined them. What I notice from all the pictures of the march is that every pair of boots had been shined like a mirror 5:30


Great puzzle, nice scene and a bench to sit on. Great song too, loved that there was real footage from the ''Jarrow March''! Thanks June! :)))
(time, 4:32)


there was no welcome in
Chesterfield and they were
housed in a far away school

Alan Price singing the Jarrow song
never got to the end of these pictures without a tear