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Torcross and Slapton Sands, Devon. Photo by Peter Tarleton

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I've been watching the news about the snow storm. You're having it bad and I moan about the grey wet days we have, not any more.
Slapton Sands has hardly changed from when I was there some years ago. We seem to keep the seafronts from over development, many still have a Victorian look about them. Anyway waxwing keep warm and safe...Sue


How beautiful, Sue! A far cry from much of our overdeveloped and hideously designed beachfront in New Jersey. Well, at the moment, a lot of that overdevelopment and bad design has still not recovered from hurricane Sandy, but you can be sure that it all will be back and uglier than ever!

In my town we got 8" of snow and the winds were not all that bad, so we lucked out with this snowstorm. Very pretty, and now I wish it would all melt in a hurry!


It hasn't changed much at all 48. We had a self catering holiday at a village called Beeson not far from here and we would come down and have a meal at a restaurant along the front. I really like it here. Thanks...Sue


Am glad to see that this has not been over developed to take advantage of the summer visitors - enjoy seeing the green fields in the back, as well as the neat and clean shops//homes along the strand. Thanks Sue.


Hi Joyce, been following the news on Sky and CNN and it showed how bad things are out there. I was thinking of you and all the other folk I chat to on Jigidi from the US. How long is the storm supposed to last? Let's hope it melts just as fast as it came. You and Bentley keep safe and warm.
I'm just having a think as to where we can go snow pictures. Thanks Joyce...Sue


Great picture/puzzle!! Always love the water. Nice houses and love the thatched roof on the middle-ish one. :))) Thanks Sue! :)))
(time, 6:02)
.....................We are in the middle of a blizzard now Sue. I live less than 30 minutes north of Boston. The wind is so strong creating white-outs & very poor visibility. The governor put a ban on all vehicles after 4:00 this afternoon except for snow removal & emergency vehicles. Tomorrow will tell the tale of what we get, could be up to 3 feet of snow in this area!!!


I just watched CNN news and it shows Boston and the start of the snow storm, it's raining on and off here at the moment.
I live in Rochester, Kent half way between Dover and London. You must visit other parts of the UK when you come over we have such a variety of scenery which I'm sure you will enjoy.
Keep safe...Sue


I've always loved of the buildings of England. I've never traveled outside of London, but hope to. We're hoping that we don't lose power with the blizzard, so that we can keep doing puzzles while the snow flies.


Hi pelross, I saw on the news the US was expecting a huge snow storm. We've been told to expect snow across the UK on Sunday except where I live in the South East of England and I do like to see snow. I love Devon and have been here a few times over the years. Anyway keep warm and enjoy the puzzles...Sue


Love the new set, especially the beach scenes. I live near beaches, but the houses are much different. Today, ours are getting rapidly covered with snow! I appreciate staying warm inside doing these wonderful puzzles.


Thanks dblay and Denise, it's the perfect place.
There is history to Slapton Sands if you like to look it up on the internet, it's to do with the WW2. Denise I remember when Slapton was flooded by the sea after a very bad storm. The waves breached the sea wall and came right over the houses.
I've had a meal in one of those buildings on the front, it was a long time ago so don't remember which one...Sue


If you love living on the beach, this is just so perfect with a little bit of country hillsides in the background. Love this picture.


forgot to mention the greenery at the back:-)


Oh what a place to live:-))) Sue this is amazing. Beautiful modern houses and that divine water back and front. Just hope there are never floods in that area. Thank you so much:-)