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#14 DIY Free Veggies

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Brussels Sprouts are a cold crop and should be planted 3 months before your frost date.
These vegetables will re-grow from the white root end. Cut the root ends off as you normally would, and place in a shallow bowl of water, enough to cover the roots but not the top of your cutting. Place it in a sunny window, occasionally spraying your cutting with water to keep the top moist.
When you start to see roots and new leaves appear transplant it into soil with just the leaves showing above the level of the soil. The plant will continue to grow. Important: Keep the soil moist or you'll lose your plants to heat stress.


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I can't wait either....Thank you Peg, so much for your set on the veggies.
We will all be looking forward to more. It's nice to interact with all the info
and the puzzles.....Janine.


Oh, I am really looking forward to your next series, Peg. This one has been so informative and so much FUN!! Thank you again! Sherry


Thanks for the lovely comments Janine, and you're quite welcome. My Dad had an enormous garden we all took care of in our backyard. I still love picking a warm tomato off the vine in the heat of summer and eating it just like an apple right there in the garden! I'd almost kill for a warm Tomato, fresh picked Boston Lettuce on white bread with mayo sandwich right now!
I'm so glad you enjoyed my series of reusing what we'd ordinarily toss away to grow better, healthier and FREE veggies! I've currently run out of plant tips, but I've decided I really enjoy sharing useful information and am planning a new series of puzzles in the same vein. See you again soon.

Another great puzzle that I bookmarked. I used to grow these
as a kid, way back in the 1950's. We had a huge family garden.
Those were wonderful years of learning and growing. We
didn't have much, but we had the garden. It was part of my
chores around the house. I helped my Mom do the canning too.
Thanks Peg for including the info with your puzzles......Janine.