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Finches During the Storm

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Taken yesterday, Feb 21, 2013 ~ Litchfield, IL


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Fabulous. I love that feeder too. We had 12 blackbirds feeding on the ground during the height of the snow here in England which I've never seen before. A heated birdbath eh? Wow - those lil fluffsters sure know where to go in a storm - must'v been like a Jacuzzi for them lol!


Gorgeous ... thanks LJ


You're right, pg!! Now I know why I am not seeing any Birds! I suppose that not having a feeder may have something to do with it.


What a great shot! :)


Now this is not going to be a pretty sight with you and the chickster hogging all the birds. There will be ramifications from this hoarding. How can I get pictures of birds you two are keeping all to yourselves? Not nice ladies not nice at all.


Boy, you have some real buddies there! They appreciate you. Thanks, Laura


Gnt, what is even more amazing than these guys pigging out, was yesterday, during the height of the storm with white-out conditions and snow falling at an alarming rate, the starlings were stuffed into my small heated birdbath and were taking baths. So many of them in one tiny birdbath! I had to keep running out and refilling it. The birds did fine. I looked like a snow matted mess. I know, I spoil them rotten.

You even caught a couple coming in for a landing.


Okay, lyndee. two cases of goldfinches will be loaded on the next train! I will have to enclose their thistle seed, to keep them quiet. They are very social birds and yack up a storm.

Yep, gnt, the finches pig out on a daily basis.


I have a few house finches Laura, but absolutely, send me some of the golden ones.


Great bunch of finches just pigging out LOL...thanks for the pic lauraj is a good one


Yes, chickie, it the feeder is designed to keep the big seed hogs out. The finches and chickadees , etc, can dine in peace.
Yes, Patti, they don't know how good they've got it.
Thank you very much, Nana!
Lyndee, we have trains bound for Chicago which come through Litchfield every day. I will box up a few cases of house finches and gold finches and ship them up to you.


Wonderful photo. Thanks.


.........and you get the finches too? How unfair is that????? I am sooooooo jealous!!!


I love that feeder, Laurajane! Thanks for this great puzzle!


They were lucky to find lunch in the storm!


Interesting feeder. It keeps the big boys out.