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191209 Patterns

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Good point! I'll have to stop admiring the patterns - and just focus on putting the pieces together! LOL! (~ᴗ❛)


The longer you look at the patterns the slower you are ;-)


I wish I could solve as fast as Rick and the super speedies! Then I could fit more solving in my day! (❛ᴗ❛)


The chances of staying on top is not high when Rick arrives as well as mine on your puzzles when mm or other fast solver does ;-)


It's just my thoughts, Advia. And I'm no expert! I had never made anything arty before, until I started making puzzles. So I don't have a lot of knowledge to draw on. So if you think differently, you should not disregard those thoughts! And as much as love your puzzles, I'm kind of relieved that you aren't posting every day. I can never keep up with all the comments on my puzzles, notifications and solving - so it gives me a better change of staying on top of your puzzles! LOL! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thank you very much for explaining bringing light into this - I now see it is related to the larger simple shape compared to a little pattern. I like MC's puzzles 3x3 squares that have 3x3 pieces. There are so many puzzles I like now on jigidi, and not so much time. BTW I only post every other day now.


Hmmm. I think that there's a difference with that puzzle, and the kind of puzzles I make that have shadow and depth. The shape elements are very large and simple. And single coloured. All of which gives an overall very colourful look, even with the added shading to create the illusion of depth.

Whereas, in my own puzzles, I use patterns that already have a lot of shadow and depth in them (as I usually make them from patterns that started out as gradients), I tend to make smaller individual elements, and then I like to add and overall shadow to each of those elements. That makes for an overall duller, darker look.

I kind of think your puzzles are the middle ground between mine and the example one. I also wanted to mention that it's funny that you mentioned that puzzle! I follow MC too, and have it in my bookmarks to solve. Just haven't had time yet...... (❛ᴗ❛)


You are very welcome Kirsten. I had in my mind for a few days what you wrote about depth.
I agree that many prefer puzzles that are not too difficult to solve. But another aspect is that shadows for achieving depth reduce the glow and most solvers prefer saturated colors. That was what I was wondering about until I saw that puzzle where shadow for 3D was made with more saturated instead of less saturated as usual. Not sure if this is correct or just an idea of mine, this is why I write it here and not on your page and I would be curious what you mean to this presumption and if you think it is not true I will delete it.


Lovely patterns, Advia! Thank you. (❛ᴗ❛)


Thank you all for your kind notes.

Nice. Many thanks.


Pretty, thank you, adviana!!