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Since graduating from Ontario College of Art, Sara Tyson has worked for over 35 years as illustrator and graphic designer. This dual role as a professional increased her understanding of the function of illustration in communication arts and made her a thoughtful problem solver. Her figures occupy highly organized spaces, with shape, texture, contrast and colour all playing important parts in her concepts. Illustration clients include American Lawyer Media, Canada Post Corporation (Molly Brant: 1986), Global Brief Magazine, Hampton-Brown Company, Harcourt Publishers, Harvard Business Review, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, National Endowment for the Humanities, Pacific Opera Victoria, Penguin Group (Canada), Smithsonian Magazine, Vancouver Foundation Magazine, Vanderbilt University and The Washington Post.


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Hi @Stinneke , nice to meet you. In hopes that you'll enjoy other puzzles I post on Jigidi :-)

Animals are more beautiful than people , very nicely done !


I'm glad you liked this Bjresh. I thought it would be somewhat of a puzzle to solve :-)


What a motley group of friends! Very intriguing and I'm glad they have each other! Seriously, this was quite a challenge, I bet and it is fun to look at it. :)) thanks again oynot :))

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