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Are the Tops Going to be Chopped Off in the Thumbnail?

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Pat, I'm going to respond to you more in depth later on, but for now I'll say that the way it looks after clicking on the thumbnail is actually one of my favorite things about the new Jigidi. Also I like the red stars. Give it more time. For now, because I'm so used to navigating with 'old' Jigidi, I haven't spent enough time to really give a valid critique. There's one really BIG mistake they've made though. There is so much wasted 'real estate' with the new Jigidi, much like with the old Jigidi. So the left and right hand side of the pages is all wasted space. The thumbnails could be made a LOT bigger than they are, and they wouldn't have to be chopped so that they still can't be entirely seen. I just don't get it. Why is so much space at the top wasted with information that's not needed? What they have at the top could be cut by 70% in size.


Here are some of my dislikes! I really hate the way the puzzle shows up when you click on the thumbnail--I think that's the worst part. But there are lots of dislikes, as you can see! LOL!


You're right, Pat- I added additional space to the top of the other one but it still wasn't enough.

I tried out the new version and what I really disliked right off the bat is the "Created" where you can't run a test before posting a puzzle. Or at least I didn't see an option for it. And then also, I posted a puzzle and then realized that it couldn't be I had to delete it. I'm going to go back later on and check it out more thoroughly. I just don't get why they have to keep fiddling around....although there are a few good things that they've done. What don't you like about it?


Okay, bit the bullet--same problem. And I realize why the other size is better--it has an extra border, so the thumbnail cuts off that part first, then a bit of the circles...


More chopped in this size, for some reason--at least on the current Jigidi. I'll try to force myself to check the new Jigidi, although I loathe it...

Oh, love the puzzle, though, totally!!! :-)))