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Wood Carving - Cat - Large

24 pieces
43 solves
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I have this one on my hearth!


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Yes, I'm trying to get some good ones, but she usually lies on her good side, so her bald patch where she was speyed shows!


Can't wait to see pics of her!!!!


Ardy & Pumpkin - I know exactly what you mean! Glad you like him! PS: Collected my new pussycat today - she seems to be settling in ok after the nightmare of her nearly disappearing down the side of the washing machine where the plinth is loose - I had to drag her out by her tail, poor thing, or she'd have got stuck! I was afraid of her disappearing up the flue (chimney) in the lounge, but she sniffed it and ignored it! She's very affectionate. I don't think she will like being kept in for several weeks though. Haven't thought of a name for her yet. Will try and take some pics and post them soon.


I have tried petting the monitor, as ringleader tried to do....but it just doesn't work so well.
A great piece of art, and what a find! Thanks for posting!


Nice kitty. I love wood carvings. I just have to touch and feel. But the computer screen doesn't give much satisfaction. LOL Thanks, Nicky.


Yes, Robyn, if you like wood he's so smooth and tactile. I do sometimes use polish which brings out his grain nicely!


This looks very pat-able & tactile Nicky. Just delightful!! Thanks.