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Good Morning Thought

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My cold snowy view at 7:50 AM 01/15/2018


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Iris :-)))


I love feeding birds too. They are so precious! Grins!☺(¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥(✿◠‿◠)♥♫♪*¸.•’´¯)


Kossamu ... I love feeding my birds .. I have several suet feeders in the winter and one seed plus this one and yes it is thistle seed ... I used to have a ringneck parrot but had to give him to my son because my hubby has COPD and the bloom their feathers put off he couldn't be around. There are times when our son will hold the phone close to him and he get so excited to hear my voice ... He was a rescue bird as his first mommy passed away and the daughter wanted to give him to someone old with white hair ... When I brought him home he thought he had his mommy back ... But he is very satisfied now as he just loves the grandson ...


Thank you Pat for posting such a beautiful picture of your birds and the snow. I know the birds appreciate you and it looks like “Thisel” seeds and my finches love that stuff..I have a bird sanctuary with a smorgasbord of all the bird treats you can think of and we plus our two cats enjoy the commotion between the feeders..I’m with you about money spend on cat food and bird food, it is truly worth it.. ❤️❤️


Thank you all so much for the great comments Ardy, Fran, chelsey15, Suzy and Arlene ... Hugs

So glad you feed the birds Pat. I tried that on my balcony, but the neighbors and cars below did not appreciate that, so had to stop. What goes in must come out. We live on the harbor in Boston, so I do feed the ducks as I pass by at times.


The birds have been fighting to get to the feeders the last few days-and we have 12 (?) of need to fight!


Very nice photo Pat, thank you:)


Thank you, pkin for sharing. Your cold snowy view make a very beautiful photo.


Good morning, Pat. Great to see the birds.


Good morning, Pat. What a wonderful photo. Love it. Great thought. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Hugs.


Good morning Jackie ... Thanks .. Hugs

Good morning Lorna ... Thanks .. Hugs

Good morning Cece ... I always have food for the birds ... It seems like I spend as much on the birds and animals as I do for us ... Hugs

Good night LD .. That we will ... Hugs


Good morning Pat! ...specially if such love had gone sour, one will always remember.


Good morning, Pat. It is good to make sure the animals and birds are fed in the snowy winter. Thanks for sharing with us. Cece


Good morning Pat! I love your morning view and thought. Thanks and keep warm!

very pretty picture pat, love the saying. hugs stay warm.


Good morning Sandi ... It is snowing again here and I decided to get a morning picture from the back door ... Usually I have more birds than this but when I open the door to take a picture they leave really quick ... Just caught these off guard ... Have a great day and stay warm ... Hugs


This looks much like my view this morning. We have a couple of inches of snow and the bird feeders are covered in cardinals, chickadees, doves, sparrows, finches, etc. The ground under the feeders is covered with birds also. We bought a big bag of sunflowers to mix with their regular food and that made them very happy.