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Lamberts Castle, Paterson, N.J.

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Wow. Hi, renray. I don't often meet other people who share our surname.
What is your ethnic background, if I may ask?

And I'm Neil, peggysuss. ;)


Sorry about the street light Toony. It is now a museum. Great place to visit + other area sites. Thanks for the comments, negative, renray & Toony.

I too, am a Lambert. I guess I will have to check into this.


I'd love to live in this beatiful castle, too, Neil (but only if I had many housekeeping servants!)

I'd prefer a photo without the modern streetlight in the foreground but thank you for posting this one Peggy.


I just had to do this one, since I guess it's my castle?
Haha, I'm a Lambert... of Jewish background. ;)