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Cool greenhouse?I want one

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Thanks for the warning, Angelbender.
fodus, don't mark it off your bucket's never too late!
Sis, it's a great size for me, too. I missed seeing Chickie's.


Chickie, didn't you post a cool looking little shed that you have? Hubby could probably build this in a day!


Good point, Angelbender! I love this little greenhouse, just the right size for me. So small it could almost be called a terrarium! Thanks, Sis.


This was on my bucket list many years ago. It is too late now.

Be careful what you wish for. Someone thought kudzu and japanese honeysuckle were neat plants before they learned they were the monsters that could eat trees and smother the ground. Plant and seed swaps are fun, but watch out.
That is a neat little cottage/greenhouse. Thanks for sharing it with us. Good puzzle, too.


Thanks, gnt...I think! :)
Chickie and kittenlove, coming right up! Haha!
PnB, it would be great to receive seeds from all over the world! What a nice idea! Thanks!

Ohhhh, nice......I want one too......this one is just right.


Wouldn't that be fun to get seeds from all our friends from all over the world? In the meantime, this is a greenhouse to dream of. Thanks.


Build one for me while you are at it Dottie. LOL


Very nice one pg


Thanks, photogent! I'll let you know!


A great idea Nanax. When you get one built let me know and I will send you some seeds.