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Flower Byproduct

72 pieces
185 solves
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Mary, I'm not talking about scrolling up and down the puzzle page! When I use the scroll wheel on my mouse, it will automatically make the pieces larger or smaller depending on the direction I move the scroll wheel.


Wendy, I have a 17 inch monitor. It's just that I've never learned to work the larger puzzles. Not many people make any small enough for me, and I do scroll it down as I solve so I can shift my borders. I don't know any strategies for solving quickly, can't imagine how people do it! LOL I work a couple a day now, not nearly what I used to!


Mary, you NEED to get a bigger screen! I hope you know that if you have a scroll wheel mouse, you can enlarge and minimize the pieces very easily as you solve. I love your usual. :-)


Oh, it's so pretty but soooo big for me. However, I haven't had a Wendy fix in a long time and just had to. Couldn't resist it. Of course, I'm doing the Spinning Byproduct Dance and whirling all over the place! 12:05 Got in lots of good Wendy Fix Time! Thanks!


That's pretty fast, PJ. :-)


Ok Wendy - armed to the teeth with Mandy's strategy, I made this fun and happy puzzle - 5:47.
Pat - you made the board, so you have mastered the strategy better than me :-)))


No you're not! I expect a check from you every month.


I'm fully paid up Wendy... for the next several years!! LOL


LOLOL! I saw that too, but just had to post what I did anyway. And keep in mind that Mandy pays me thousands of dollars to get the top spot, and I couldn't remember if she paid me to get the top spot on this one or not.


Ah, but look at Mandy's time, with the same same strategy as I used! LOL!


Thank you, Ardy. I'm so glad that the puzzle gave you, Pat, and Mandy permission to solve from the inside out. It's always best to ask puzzles politely for favors. LOL

Hi Magda. I see that you and whatnauts managed to solve this one without getting puzzle permission to solve from the inside out. I'm so glad you found this one cheerful. My hand will be so painful at times that I can't be on the computer at all, but then at other times, it's not that bad and I can spend a few hours straight creating puzzles. It's not worth asking though (as nice as that is), because my hand can be fine one minute, and not so fine minutes later.

whatnauts, it appears that your strategy was 8 seconds better than Pat's. LOL!


Wonderful puzzle, I didn't have a clear solving strategy. I put some border together, then some other pieces, back to the border and eventually it got solved!!! Thanks much.


a very cheerful, nice puzzle, dear Wendy. How is your hand? Hope better.


I love the title Wendy, and I agree with Pat, it had to be solved from inside to out LOL!! Love the bright orange and yellows, thanks :~)


Delightful puzzle, Wendy. It did let me do the border first but then wanted me to go from the inside out which I did. Thank you.


I'm so glad you loved it, Pat. I love my title for it. LOL


This puzzle absolutely insisted on being solved from the inside out! It had a will of iron, so I obeyed! Loved it! ;-)))