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Don't Know What Kind Of Flutterby It Is.....

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Couldn't find treker's puzzle, Plum' Sugar. :-) ...........


Hi Rob. Thanks for coming by. I'll check treker's acorn puzzle in a moment to see your solution, although I will probably find that both of you are quite nuts! HAWhawhawwwww!..........
Folks I think I'm going to have to reverse my conclusion about this pretty critter. I have looked up all kinds of sites about hummer moths---none I found look like this. They all have one set of 'wings' and the usual fuzzy looking antennae. This, I'm now sure, IS a butterfly! Look at the antennae--they are the typical smooth until the tip ones of butterflies. And guess what!!--today I saw THREE at one time at my lantana! Of course my camera was in the house. But I'll try for a photo tomorrow.
These are very small; you can use the flower as a reference point for their size. I think most of you know the typical size of a lantana blossom so that will give you a good idea of how tiny they are. I think I will email this photo to our Jacksonville Zoo Butterfly Hollow---maybe they will identify it for us. Thanks for the input you have all provided. It is appreciated..........


Hi AJ, that sounds good, I must say it is very difficult trying to identify something on google. They all look so similar and going back and forth between the puzzle and google site makes me cross eyed sometimes! I left a solution to your squirrel problem on treker's last acorn puzzle......well good for a laugh anyway! Thanks.


Hi everybody. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I got kinda caught up in other things.
I haven't been able to figure it out so I've tried to catch a better shot of it, hopefully in more open flight. But I haven't seen it again! Yet I'll keep watching for it.
So I guess we can just go with 'Hummingbird Moth'. Sounds good to me. You are all right--it is beautiful, and probably is a 'hummer moth' as lyndee suggests. Or better yet 'Mr. Beautiful, the Hummingbird Moth' as Ank & all of us believe and it makes a lovely puzzle as it feeds on my pretty & 'taste'ful lantana. ;-D.
Thanks, Friends...............


Sorry Ann - it should be NOT god at names :-)))


I am god at names but I agree - its beautiful - thanks for sharing Ann :-)


I don't know either, but it is a lovely puzzle, thanks!


So we call him mister beautiful. Thanks Ann


Whatever it is, Ann, it's a very pretty one and it has a good taste!! Thanks so very much!!


Could it be a hummingbird moth? I've only seen one once so that is probably a long shot.


......But it sure is pretty gorging on my lantana! Maybe someone out there knows what kind it is. This is in N.E.Florida, USA.............