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Help Mate

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This is a photo of a painting by Carol Bordough (sp) of Trinidad, Colorado. It is named "Help Mate." Carol told me the story as conveyed to her by a fisherman from Alaska. The fisherman told her he was out fishing along a river in Alaska when across the river he spotted a Bald Eagle struggling to pull a large Salmon out of the water. After a short struggle the Eagle let out a cry and quickly it's mate flew down, clutched the Salmon along side it's mate and together they pulled the Salmon out and flew away. It is well known that Bald Eagles mate for life, therefore the name "Help Mate"


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Love it.... thank you.

Thank you jbu. I loved this painting from the first moment I saw it. I have a few other prints from Carol. I am not sure but, I think she may have passed on. I have not been able to locate her recently.

Marrufo1; Thanks for sharing not only the puzzle but the story behind it. This was a challenge for me but am so happy that I tried and completed it in one sitting!!! Have a wonderful day/night!!!