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Almost a Swirl .....

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My, 'U' are very busy, Anne... What with all that you're doing you must be very young.... You've got us curious about the research breakthrough.... Exciting hearing about Cooper... Love it when the light bulbs go off in a child's head and they get it.... I remember those days of being the taxi service too.... It was hard work.... Well worth the time to help keep the family organized.... You are so right about Jigidi being relaxing... Hope you had a good night's sleep.... Time to rise and shine... G'day Sunshine.... :) :)

PS we won the ODI Criggit yesterday... 'U' probably already know that... I really enjoyed it... Exciting and colourful.... :) :)


Oh "U" are on the ball today dear Sally! Only had time for Chrissie's puzzle tonight as big breakthrough in research today although haven't had time to digest it yet. Must be up early for breakfast club at 8am then library volunteer in pm. Finished Cooper's second pack of literacy training today - start the 3rd next week. Reading has started! Now recognises quite a few words and most of the alphabet with names and sounds so I'm also buzzing over that. Apart from that and volunteering at the local history centre I've run family from here to there and babysat Paige for a while and that's only today. Phew!! No wonder I feel old LOL - but you can see why I love Jigidi just for a relax. Oh and after tea read for an hour or so and will continue shortly in bed. Night dearie..........ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


"U" are kidding right... LOL Haven't 'U' noticed I use the 'U' when commenting to people who use the 'U' and leave out the 'U' when commenting to Jigidiers who don't use the 'U'.... As for the bill we get from the provider of our 'electrical' supply of 'electricity'... Chrissie has 'elected' to call it the 'electric' bill also... Crikey, mate... I'm getting so confused.... Larry's happy and London's full of bricks... Art works are made of pearls... And a bloke called Bobby is dazzled... Could it be, being upside down has caused 'downside up-itis.... LOL Ava good one, mate.... Try to stay out of trouble, please.... Hugs.... :) :)


I don't know! Can't people see there are two halves - one pulsing with ageing red blood - the other green with envy. Love your's too. Gorgeous.

NOW! About that spelling and grammar Sally! When in Rome and all that. It's electricity bill here down under not just electric LOL. And time to put the 'u' in colour too. I'm surprised Chrissie isn't taking you to task here - maybe it's too hot for your little brain to comprehend.


Sad but true.... Some hearts are just not made to be in sync.... Glad you enjoyed the puzzle, Oddio... Thanks for 'the work of art', vote of confidence.... I too want to take a ride on the Zephyr... Would be a nice relaxed way to see the country.... :) :)


Thanks, Francine.... So pleased it caught you eye.... :) :)


Visually another work of art, Sally. However, following all the analyses provided in comments, I gotta say it makes me think perhaps it is an attempt to meld two different hearts into one... ? Sometimes that just don't work. :>)


Wow, Sally. So eye-catching. Thanks. :)) (1:58)


Så søtt av deg å si, PJ.... Good analogy of how the colors work... Valentine's Day soon, with enough flowers and chocolate a few broken hearts should be mended .... :) :)


Your right on the pulse of things, Suzy.... :) :)


Thanks, Reine des tourbillons.... We can't have too many variations on Swirls.... It was a struggle in the dark, all the more challenging... So glad you liked it... Big smile here.... Thanks again.... :) :)


Oh, Sally - such a wonderful composition. Looks like the broken heart is about to be mended by the warm organge, the fiery red and the healing green. The center is radiating heat to the colder edges.......
Nydelig, flott :-)))


A heart swirlie!


Being a huge fan of swirls, I can testify this is a wonderful almost swirl. And given the conditions you found yourself in, it's downright amazing :)))


Thank you, Shirley for your sweet, warm comment.... I always admire the way you add your signature, so elegantly... You've inspired me to try a few new ways myself.... Thank again, mate.... :) :)


Well, yesterday, or was it the day before..... The lights went out in Georgia... In sympathy we turned them off here.... Actually we blew out the candles, as we forgot to pay last month's electric bill... I had three halves of this almost swirl all ready to assemble..... "Let there be light"... And Wa-La, found the matches.... I was blinded by the new light.... The result was tunnel vision.... And there you have it..... Thank you, Kirsten.... Thoroughly enjoyed your take on this one... An LOL moment.... :) :)


Thank you, Rosie.... Glad you enjoyed this one... :) :)


So glad to catch up with this one, Sally, it's a beauty, very creative, then I shouldn't be surprised coming from a talented lady like you, love the highs and lows and the pretty little heart next to your signature, Thank you sally for this great puzzle.


Oopsy! This is what happens when we try to assemble create puzzles in the dark folks. The wrong halves get put together!! What's your story Sally? Trying to save money on the electricity bill? Hmmmm? LOL

But seriously, it's very lovely And I can't believe that I'm solve 161, and no one has told you before now!! Naughty solvers!!!


Oh, how pretty. The first thought that popped into my head when this puzzle came up--left, top of page. Love your color combos and swirlies. Thanks.