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Three heads? Ohhh yes! Right ahead!!

48 pieces
53 solves
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You've got to ask those you meet and hope for the best!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!

I'm glad you like the wood, Mimi!! I can tell you that it is many different woods that have been used for the pictures. But certainly - I would like to walk there too with you!! Thanks so very much dear!!

Yes, I think Lela has got it very well!! Thanks so very much dear!!


Lela is right, Hanne! Cute puzzle. Thanks so much!!


This is a really beautiful wood. I'd love to be walking there with them!


There seems to be lots of helpers pointing the way or scaring the way in this story. I do like the handsome fellow the golden one is speaking with.


It might be so, Lela, I think you've got the "way" of the forest! Thanks so very much!!


Hee-Hee.....he's probably told them to go "over there, somewhere"........


And he is SO happy to be able to give them some advice!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Now that's a cute little smiley guy. Hope he can help them.


And another great thing about Stefan: he is SO sweet!!


Yes, Hanne, I know I can write Stefan and he responds which is so great. Even the best of the computer gurus hit the wrong button sometimes. Thanks.


I came in too late to see it, but I'm a member of the users' group and there June complained about the problems she had. She also wrote a note on my puzzle from yesterday, and we had some talking, but then it became ok again, and she told that she had written Stefan in Copenhagen. He had told her that Magnus had been working on something and obviously had "dropped something" into the machinery!! He had "found it" again and then it all worked! So that's why!! Magnus is fabulous with computers and all that stuff, but like anybody else he sometimes happens to hit the wrong buttons or what it is!! You DO know that you can write Stefan any time about problems, do you?? Today's puzzle: yes, is it right?? Thanks so very much Ardy!


I'm glad they found someone who can give directions but is he right? They do have beautiful surroundings to walk in. Thanks, Hanne.

Were you aware that for a while this morning puzzles were not showing up on the profile pages. I kept waiting for you and pkin and RandonwWorship and Juneshone but nothing was there. Finally I went to Most recent and started finding the puzzles. After about an hour (for me) the puzzles suddenly were on the profile pages.


Sorry, again I made two of the same kind! Here is a link for 192 pieces if anybody should want it: