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Canadian Geese

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Taken in Edwardsville, IL today (Dec 29, 2012)


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Great photo Laura.


I've often wondered what the geese and other birds, pelicans etc do during a hurricane. They seem to survive just fine.


The geese must stay year round by you, Mimi. I wonder how they hold up during the hurricanes. Our geese up north here come and go. It's hard for them when the lakes freeze over. These guys were by a pond which was only half frozen. We are getting 2-3" of snow tomorrow, New Year's Eve. I wonder what the geese will do then.


We have a whole bunch of them here in our area, down the street at our little pond. They came several years ago and stayed, permanently I guess. They seem to like walking back and forth across our street and there are often several cars waiting for them to pass. Once I saw them all cross the street, then turn and go back immediately! It's kind of a pain when you're on the way to an appointment! But we like them!


Ah, my favorite Geese. Nowadays we have a lot of them here. I think I saw the first about 25 years ago. They are very different of the Dutch geese. I like them.


Nice shot, laura!


Great picture LJ


Hi, Laura. Great shot of my peeps! (groans allowed) (Canada Geese...not necessarily Canadian since they seem to be everywhere these days what with air travel being so readily available now. *tee hee*) We have many now that don't even bother to migrate south for the winter...too much food available in the city is one conjecture. When they're out and about with the babes in the late spring, traffic often has to stop on very busy roadways, during rush hour no less, to let the sometimes very large gaggle of geese cross the road. Chickens, they ain't!


Ostrich?? That's not an ostrich! Goose, Jack...goose! Not for dinner, PG. Nooooo.
There were so many geese in that park I couldn't count them all. It seemed like a hundred.
Thank you for commenting, pumpkin, calley, PG, Jack, robyn and snooker.

Good photo, lj.


Wonder if they found much to eat? Great photo Laura - thanks.


Beautiful Ostrich Laura


Easter dinner on the wing. Nice photo LJ.


Great photo of a gaggle!


Great photo, Laura!