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Bringing home the tree - latch hook

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Thanks, Barb. Latch hook is really simple - even kids do it. Basically you are tying knots of pre-cut pieces of yarn on canvas with the aid of a hook. But you can end up with some nice pieces for throw rugs, pillows, pictures etc. Put me at a sewing machine and I'm all thumbs.


This is lovely, Ardy. I've never been that good at needlework, although I did make a few quilts when I was younger, but done mostly with the help of my sewing machine. :-)


You are very welcome, Hanne. I've done some small pieces too.


I thought it was so, my father-in-law made a lot of pillow-fronts that way!! We have some yet! Thanks for explaining Ardy!!


Ank, then enjoy what you can do. You create nice things with your computer and I can't do that. It's good we are not all good at the same things. Thanks for coming by.


Beautiful Ardy, I have two left hands for hand work, this is the only kind I can.


Pat, Thank you. I think they are fun to make.


Hanne, the needle is really a hook. You have precut pieces of yarn - usually acrylic - and a stiff but loosely woven canvas. Using the hook you "tie" a knot in the piece of yearn after threading in around a strand of the canvas. Kind of hard to explain but easy to do!!! The canvas is painted to show you what colors go where although I prefer to use a graphed pattern similar to a thread count pattern.


Sooo Beautiful thanks....


Latch hook is something you "sew" with a special needle, isn't it?? It's very beautiful, Ardy, lovely colours indeed!! Thanks so very much.


Thanks, Jan. I made this for my oldest aunt and her husband. They had it up every Christmas. When the children (Dr. John, cousin Linda for two) were breaking up the household after the parents both were gone they brought this back to me. It's currently hanging in the living room. And if Troy remembers to come by tonight and get the computer to let the camera download you will see it again in another picture.


What a beautiful latch hook! I made a couple of holiday themed ones for my Mother when I was younger. They really turned out well. I love the brightness of these images.......and especially the memories they invoke. Thanks, Ardy!