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Fall Medley! (BOARDS)

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40 pieces
49 solves
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Thanks for the explanation. Was feeling very dumb here, Pat! :D))
pome******es are delicious!


I can't remember how it started, but we are not allowed to use that word (pomegranates) on his puzzles! P-squirt will often get around that prohibition by writing a sentence with each word starting with the appropriate letter (People On Mars Eat Green...etc.), and others will use lots of ***** to blank out most letters! Just part of the general genial jollity! LOL!


Ardy - like so many things.....they are prettier from a distance. You see all the moles up close. :))

I rather like that nose, Hanne! It is beautifully colored. Thanks.

PJ - so happy you say that. It's so nice when you enjoy these BOARDS! Thanks.


Jan - just love the colors and the fabulous rich details of intriguing patterns,


They are sculptures!! What a nose the one in the middle has got!! Thanks so very much, Jan!!


The middle in the finished puzzle had a cute mouse at the bottom which in this view turned into an alien. Beautiful colors, Jan. Really delightful fun. Thank you.


Edie - I just discovered your menagerie profile. I will be following the updates there now.


Yikes, the kittens have morphed into something more alien looking on these closeups. Thanks Jan. Off to the chickens.


Thanks so much, Pat. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

PatD - What has he got for/against pomegranates? Tell me the story. To quote Sgt. Schultz...."I know nothing!"


Pomegranates! Don't tell Lela!!! LOL! Great colors, Jan--so beautiful!!! :-)))


Love it ... Love it.... so pretty....