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Silverfallet, Skoevde, Sweden.

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And then the staircase part comes. It's a very spectacular part we'll go closer tomorrow!


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Thanks so very much fileusa, but I'm sorry to say, that I don't live in Sweden but in Denmark, Bornholm!!


Another beautiful scene. What a lovely land you live in. Thank you for the tour.


It IS awfully lovely!! Thanks so very much Ank!!

Indeed it would be quite a job!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Oh, if only I could transplant this to my yard!


Hanne I don't have words for this. Toooooooooooooo Beautiful. Thank you


Lovely, lovely, lovely. Is this near where you live, Hanne?


There are fields to the left so the fence must be there to keep them on the right side - seen from the farmes's view!! It's a pity indeed!! Thanks so very much gnt!

Thank YOU too, Jo!!


What a gentle, serene scene! Just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! :) :)


like the little falls but I see a barb wire fence crossing the stream


Yes, I guess so! The earth is just washed off in the waterfall, so you can see them. There are three different minerals here: limestone, alum slate and sandstone. Thanks so very much, Sandy!!


Love this. The layers are very interesting. Is the ground in step layers like this on either side where the water doesn't travel?


If you would like to I could make a series for you and mail it!! We have more photos than I show here!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I LOVE this, Hanne. The roar is very distant. Here the waters giggle and laugh and play with the rocks. Such a happy stream at this point. Did I mention I LOVE this? Thanks, Hanne. I'm storing this in my memory so later when things get tiresome I can close my eyes and see it again and enjoy.