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Merritt Parkway CN

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Merritt Parkway, Connecticut
You know a drive is good when it?s got reviews on Yelp. This historic Parkway, dubbed ?Queen of the Parkways,? was built in 1930s and is regarded as one of the most beautiful on the East Coast, landing it on the National Register of Historic Places. Known for its slinky curves, its 69 art deco bridges and forested surroundings, the parkway was built with both industry and beauty in mind. The 37-mile trip between Greenwich and Milford accomplishes the goal that its namesake Rep. Schuyler Merritt wanted ? not just rapid transit, but ?pleasant transit.?


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One of my favorite drives. When I lived in Conn, I took it often.

I used to live in Connecticut and I loved driving on the Merritt. It is so very beautiful. Although in the 50's and 60's driving could be a bit tense because a lot of the cars were just too big for the narrow lanes!