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81 pieces
165 solves
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thanks Joyce glad you liked it


Fun puzzle, fun designs & fun colors!!! Thanks June!! :)))
(time, 4:41)


seems like years ago I did a tutorial on how to make a fireball, can't remember why I wanted one now

Great images, great color and fun to put together, what more can one ask?! Thanks June

Love the sense of movement you have in the middle and right middle. Thank you.


Hi Nonni, Kirsten and Katie. this is an old puzzle I remember Josie wanted the midddle right to have a black background so I made one for her. Sorry there will only ever be two sizes and these are the ones most people prefer. I have six other puzzles to put up daily in my other personae, and that's our quota. Back to normal tomorrow


Hi June, this is a terrific Monday medley! I really like the dramatic top right. Thanks!


My poor kaleido-brain struggles with these ones, June! But I'm sure it's good for it!! LOL

And I love that middle right! What a terrific bright thing - exactly what's needed!! Thanks very much. :)))

I love your puzzles but I wish you would publish an intermediate size, maybe in the 100's. Thank you.