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Thread count embroidery - Delft tiles 4 of 4

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This was supposed to be a bell pull. The designer who was redoing the bedroom suggested doing it horizontally to hang above the bed. Since each tile was square that was no problem. When it was completed she mounted it on velvet and hung it between two white decorative poles over the headboard


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Thanks, Gail. We enjoyed how it came out. If they hadn't been squares it wouldn't have worked.


What a great idea to do it horizontally! I love delft and you did a beautiful job on it, Ardy.


Thanks, Laurajane. Glad you enjoyed it.


Another beautiful and delicate one, Ardy. Thanks so much.


Hi Kirsten. I saw the one yesterday but just followed your link and looked at the rest of them. Those are old and I can imagine very valuable. Thanks. Some days I get to scroll through everything and others I don't.


Wow Ank. You're right up there is the middle. Love the starry board. Thanks. I expect to put the complete picture up tomorrow.


Hi Ardy, I wondered if you'd seen Joyce's delft tiles? Different media, but I thought you may be interested. in looking. She's posted all four of a set of seasons now. They're under this profile:


Hi Ardy, sometimes I go fast. Look what a nice place at the board.
This one is also very pretty. I can't wait to see the picture above the bed.


Jan, I had forgotten about this piece until Barb asked if I didn't have some more embroidery to post. I got to looking around and saw this. I see it every day but hadn't thought of it as puzzles. Tomorrow I'll show a picture of it above the headboard of the bed. You are so very welcome, Jan. Love your visits, your comments and your star!! Thank YOU.


I can't decide which I like more, the little boy /dog or the sail boat. What a wonderful group this has been. Thanks so much, Ardy!


I was so impressed by the shadings in her designs, Hanne. Both designers there produced much lovelier things than what I had known in the embroidery world before. Glad you enjoyed it.


The way the very limited colours are used is magnificent really!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Thanks, Pat. Always glad to see you. First place on the board. Love it.


Hi Barb. Glad you enjoyed it. I'll show the piece in its place on the wall tomorrow. You beat me by 13 seconds on this one. That's the more normal state of affairs. LOL


Beautiful ... thanks Ardy.. you do such gorgeous work.


Thanks for alerting me to this, Ardy. I'm only sorry to see this series end. They really are fun to do and I enjoy the end result. Such lovely work! :-)