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Amanita Mushrooms

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25 pieces
99 solves
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LOL....I'm glad you love it, thank you, Kirsten (°◡°)


What a fun kaleido! I love it, Barb! Thanks!! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thank you very much, Nicky. Your weather is much better than mine. Nothing but wind, rain, cold and gloom here in "sunny" Arizona....LOL


A nice burst of sunshine, Barb, thank you! It was sunny & warm here, like Spring, today.


Oh my, I certainly can use your heat right now, Janet. Now and until Monday. After Monday it will warm up to the average. Glad you like my bright puzzle, thank you and hugs my friend ☺♥♥


SO bright and pretty thanks Barb. Really lovely. I'll send you some heat, 39 C here today (102.2 F) for your garden. Hugs my friend. ♥♥


I'm happy to hear it, Jeanette, thank you very much....☘️


Both nice kals Barb, like Willy, this is my fav! ❤


Thank you, Willy, I'm glad you like this one.... :)


2 beautiful kaleidos, Barb....this is my favorite. Lovely color combination.


You are very welcome, Suzy. And I have to tell you that I hate it when my nose is a piece of ice and I do everything possible to get it warmed up....LOL


You are most welcome, thank you, Francine :)


It's helping my nose melt!!! When I was walking this morning it was just at 18 degrees. My nose STILL hasn't warmed up from it's exposure! LOL
Thanks for this bit of warmth, Barb!


Very pretty. Thanks, Barb.


Couldn't agree with you more, Laura....I'm waiting for spring too, or rather my plants in the garden want warmth or they will not survive. Thank you for the solve, Laura ☀️


You are very welcome, latifa. I like those colors together too. They help each other to shine :)


I see a great big flower. Come on, spring!!


I love these colors together... the darkest greens and oranges along with the lighter ones with the white brightening it all up. Works really well on black too! Thanks so much my friend ♥


We crossed in space, Jason....thank you for the comment. I'm glad you like the color combination. Thank you for telling me ☀️


I'm glad that I posted such perfect colors puzzle today. I bet it hits the spot for many folks up north. Thank you for liking it, Ardy. Hugs, my friend ☺♥
I do keep warm, Ardy and I do have four plants in the house that I ordered before the "deep freeze" but thankfully they came after the big freeze started. And so I kept them indoors just for a day or two I thought. Ha....the day or two turned into a month and it is still going on, but at least these four are safe from the frost.... :) Hope you are keeping warm and dry, too....☺♥


Love the sunny yellow and green colour combination :-)

Thank you Barb.

Best regards, Jason.


This hits the spot today, Barb. Love the bright yellow and orange against the greens, Wow. An antidote for the whiteness outside. Stay warm. Thank you, dear friend. Hugs.


Thank you for solving and thank you for the many smiles, glad you like it, irisriver....(◕ᴗ◕)


Very nice! Many smiles! ☺♥☺

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