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Door Swags for Fall - BOARDS!

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Thanks so much, Faye. I think we've decided that we all like that door! :D))


I like the second from the left, too...and partly because of the door itself. I also like the one on the very left...but all are lovely


They are! I wish I had made at least one of them!


Beautiful ...!!!!


I did a puzzle with fall wreaths, Kathy, but I think I like the swags better! Don't you like the pheasant feathers! So fun! You ought to post the swags you have!


Oh thank you sooooo much for some delightful ideas!!! I am in need of redoing several of the swags on our doors and had not even considered googling for ideas. I like several of the above, but I think my first choice would be the second from the left too :-)

Very fun puzzle!!!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of your comments. We have been driving to and playing on the beach, so I am just now checking in! Swags are fun and one day, I will have to brighten up my gloomy front door. Maybe this is the year!
Thanks to Ardy, Hanne, Pat, Anther and Hester!! :)))


I still love the mop heads on this puzzle. They may not be Autumnal colours but they are so striking!


Wow! What gorgeous items and those colours. They could grace any door and beautify it. Thanks.


Beautiful arrangements, Jan! My favorite is the second from the left, but any one of these would be a lovely and welcoming sight on a front door!


The boards work as "close ups" on the swags, it's very fine with the focus that comes on the details!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


These are even lovelier in this size. The second from right is my favorite here. Thanks, Jan. Had a good time .