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Fun With Gradients .....

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I'm honored Francine... Thank you... Enjoy your spring and all the good things that come with it... :) :) :)


Only have time to solve one puzzle and this one spoke more loudly to me. Really great. Thanks, Sally. (2:03)
[not spending much time in Jigidi nor computer these days. We finally have spring and the daffodils and tulips are blooming.]


Hey Judy, how goes the battle with the pen tool?? You been creating some pretty spekkie puzzle lately... We're taking a rest day today, and hopefully I can get some of the photos sorted... Need to catch up on some paper work first... I do have fun with the creating process and its so good to know the end results are enjoyed.... :) :)


Sally, glad you had fun with the gradients, because I had fun looking at the wonderful result and had fun solving this beauty. You have such skill, so thank you for sharing your creations. Glad those programs work so well for you, so we all benefit from them. Great job!!!


Thank you Rob... We use a variety of drawing and image manipulation programs... A sprinkle of imagination and a little luck picking the right combinations... Francine (bookish) and Shirley passed this gradient technique along after I 'oohed and ahhhed ' over the effects they got.... This one was four separate images treated with different colour gradients then put together for one puzzle... It really is good fun... There's some free online software out there.., Lunapic and Sumopaint... Bet you''d like it... Go on give it a go.... :) :)

Thank you, Sissel... So happy you liked this one... :) :)

Ditto mate... Your flowers, fractals and gradient are glorious... Thanks for the encouraging words.... :) :)

You are so very welcome, Kirsten... We're saying little IT mantras for you.... Hope all will be well soon.... :) :)

Thank you, Edie.... :) :)

You're giving away my secrets, snooker... LOL Thank you.... :) :)

Thank you, PJ... Snooker does make some fine comments.... :) :)

You're welcome Diane from NJ... Glad you enjoyed it.... I appreciate your thoughtful comment.... :) :)

Thank you, Whattie... I really do enjoy making puzzles... Good to know you had fun with it.... :) :)

You are welcome my little QORE... Your red puzzles are in the works.... :) :)) :)))

Thank you, Rosie... What a lovely comment... I especially like the 'fairy dust' part... There are some super duper puzzle makers here on Jigidi... Inspiration and talent are everywhere.... I'm pleased you enjoyed this one... :) :)


Someone sprinkled fairy dust over Jigidiland today and all of the puzzle makers were dusted and truly inspired. This is unbelievably beautiful. Each picture looks different than its counterpart and yet all you did was change the colors and the background. Thanks for playing so that we could enjoy.


Beautiful Sally, and thank you very much! I did indeed have fun!


I had fun with these gradients, I hope you did, as well! Thanks much, SMor :)))


This is marvelous and unique-love it. Thank you DIANE FROM N.J.


Sally - great design - and I agree with Snooker's fine comment :-)))

Same design but the colors make them all look different. Lovely concept.


Gorgeous flowers, great framing. Thanks Sally


Sooo beautiful! Thanks Sally!! :)))


Your fun is our gain, Sally, these are all very lovely, hope you continue having fun and sharing them with us, Thank you Sally. :):)


This is gorgius - thanks for sharing this beauty :-)


I've no idea how you make these Sally - but I really like them!! The whole lot!!! It's nice how you highlight different sections & I really like the frames! Ta muchly :))