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For Pumpkinhead . Kananaskis, Alberta

12 pieces
50 solves
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From top left: Ink Pots, Banff Nat. Park
Winter Wonderland is back!
Barrier Dam
Bird Nest


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EXCELLENT, Maria! I am extremely impressed with your effort. Looks like you've been doing this for years! :)
Love the photos you selected---and SNOW :)

Don't remember what site it was, Maria. Did you look under bookmarks? This is very pretty - have never tried to do this.


Thank you all for the nice comments! :)

Love this place. Very nice composition!


Each one is lovely, as is the framing.
Good job, eaglefeather.


You did a great job. Even a fancy border!


Thank you Suzy! I am still on beginner stage but I am getting there! I like the results:))
Snooker had given me a site sometime ago and I saved it but don't ask me where, I am still searching!