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Good Morning Thought

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Good to see you leet no matter what time...

I'm puzzling late this evening--your fun puzzle will give me a cheerful outlook as I close my day. Thanks.


Robbie tell her that secret is safe with me.. Just kidding... Those little ticker tapes tell you quite a bit. (laughing)
Good evening Fran Good thinking.
Good evening Mimi you got it.


Perhaps in Mark Twain's day this was pretty true, but sadly now .....


Good Morning Pat (still see you by that name). Am thinking of Hans Christian Andersen's tale, The Emperor's New Clothes.


She doesn't follow that news PK, just happened to come across as a banner the other evening.


Oh my my....


Hey the only reason I thought of it was Jenny told me he was getting married again!!


Oh dear Morris that is funny. You sound like me.


Thanks for saying it, mate!! I was thinking that myself, Robbie. I just did not know how to put it down in type.


Ok Robbie you got me there didn't think of him. Thanks Have a great day...Hugs to you and Jenny just give her a big one for me.


"Don't look Ethel!....But it was too late!" That song has been around a long time PK and I don't agree with Mark Twain. Just have to look at Hugh Hefner and his empire, I would say that has a huge influence on society, whether we like it or not. This is a very good morning thought to ponder, thanks PK.


Good morning Morris. Hope you have a good day. Coffee ready yet.... Be right over


Good Morning, Pat!!


Good morning BFF yea really????? Have a great day, Hugs


good morning BFF. Oh really Pat?


Good morning Ardy we need a good chuckle to start the day. That way we get off on the right foot. Hugs.


They just streak through it. Good morning, Pat. Couldn't resist that. We did not get rain yesterday but it was definitely cooler - jackets needed. Thanks for a good chuckle this morning. Wishing you a good day. Hugs.


Good morning Sis I had to use the link. Like I said on you one puzzle I would delete it and then repost you can do that.
Good morning jcaroll sorry to here about yesterday being a rough day. I have those myself. Glad this thought made you laugh.


Mark Twain was definitely a genius! Such a true, funny statement! Good Morning, Pat!
Yesterday was a rough day for me, but I'm laughing again! Thanks!


Good mornig Sissy, have a beautiful day. I like to know did you see my chicken puzzle in the normal way or did you use the link? It's strange but I can't see it on most recent puzzles, still a few people did solve it. I solve the puzzles later, I have to go to the hospital now for bone density research. See you.