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Oelme old grocer shop. Sweden. See comment please.

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Thanks Ank, you are very lucky that you've got a place like that so close!! Thanks so very much!!

Be kind to your eye and do what it asks you to do, Ardy!! It will recover again. Thanks so very much!!


I love places like this. But little by little they have been taken over by the supermarkets. The ye is doing better, thanks. I think it will want to rest again after a few puzzles. I've replenished the cat's pantry. Later I need to do the same for mine. Thanks for this journey into yesteryear.


Lovely and a beautiful picture. You are right it's a pity everything is in plastic now. And the super market has less charm. Here in Leeuwarden is a hardware shop, it's also about an age old. When you come in you think you come in a museum, They sell everything, pipecleaner, screws, boilers, tools. You can't invent what they don't have. It looks like a flea.


It's VERY interesting, so much nostalgia - even the smell!! I was a kid in the fourties and still remember that very mixed smell of dried fruit, flour, bread, coffee and what ever was in the air. Now everything is wrapped in plastic and there are no good smells. Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Thank you Hanne. This looks like it would have been a fun place to step into.


Ohh, I'm delighted to hear TOMDEAR, I wish you a very good day and thanks for your comment!!


Good morning Elfie
It is 6.30 AM here in Coldwater Ontario Canada. Your puzzles and
comments ,are a great way to start my day.
Thank You


Oelme old grocer shop as it was when we were there back in 1990. It was exactly as it had been from the start about 1900. All furniture and equipment were the old ones and they managed to have old goods on the shelves in the original boxes, cans etc. Of course they sold "modern" things too, and functioned as a real grocer's shop. I've found out that it isn't here anymore, it has been moved to a nearby town, Kristinehamn, SO this photo is real history!!