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Town Hall Delft, Holland

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LOL Rebecca......You're welcome:)


Neat, thanks for the info! Around here folks get real excited if something is 150 years old!


Hi siberian....I was there today with my best friend and she and I had high-tea not far from this building. Delft is a lovely place to be, it's not far from The Hague. Many tourists visit here all year round. With all the monumental buildings in the old part of Delft and the beautiful weather of today, it's been a great day out:)


Hi Rebecca....I've searched on Google and I've found it's originated from 1200, it's rebuild in 1400. It survived a huge city fire in 1536 and on 4.March 1618 it burned down, only the tower and some walls survived. Around the tower the town hall was rebuild (from 1618-1620) using original old stones of the walls...the tower is called The Old Stone. After WWII the Town Hall was renovated in the 17th Century style. You will find more extended information on wikipedia about Delft Town Hall....


Remember being there a lot with my dad. We would meet with his customer in a restaurant
who had fried banana for dessert… a no-no for my french mom's cooking : ))


How old is it?


Thank you so much for the links gemstone.....just love it☺

My dad's parents were born Frisian (Friesland) and to find a job they moved to The Hague earley 1900. I've only known my grandmothe and when she got dementia she almost only spoke in Frisian....we couldn't understand what she were saying anymore. She used to try and make me say a Frisian rhyme when I was a little girl and I have to try real hard now to say it , and I'm sure a "real" Frisian will say I speak lousy Frisian:))))


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