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'Tis the Season to be Jolly!

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Gail, thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the Chanukah stockings!


I'll take whichever stocking is left over. I'm not fussy! Great puzzle, Jan, and great set today. Thanks.


Thank you all for your wonderful stocking stories and sweet comments.
If I had my way, I could probably use MANY more stockings in the holiday decorating process. I think they are just so fun!
Thanks, Michelle, JC, Jeannie, Ardy and Ank!


OK Ardy I take the other red one, that with the curling nose. lol
Love it Jan


Love this puzzle. I'd claim the stocking with the G-clef. Thanks.


Love the stockings! Our pets always have to have their's also, hanging right along with our girls!


Congratulations, Jan on losing so much weight! That is wonderful! I know personally how difficult it is to lose any ammount of weight!


*)*(^)&^!1!(+!!! (Those are my rendition of fireworks going off.) PROUD of you, girl!

We also have carried on my family's tradition of the beautiful big orange, fancy apple, nuts and the little goodies. When the kidlets were small, I used to also put little packets of that flavoured instant oatmeal and little cereal boxes ... tried to encourage them to start the morning somewhat healthily and if they could make it themselves, it was special!

Of course, Maggie gets a stocking. Why wouldn't she? Our guys have their stockings and Darcy, in particular, just loves opening gifts. He's very good at it...plucks the paper with the front teeth and tears it bit by bit until the present is revealed. It's his idea of heaven! lol


LOL! glad you like it!

And my diet has been 91 pounds successful! Hard to believe it could be that much, but it is. :D


You're funny, Jan. Diets are always supposed to start on January 2nd (and last less than a week).
Thanks for pointing out my star to me. No pun intended but I'll take it. I hadn't even noticed until you pointed it out to me. Thanks! Apparently, Santa doesn't read Write a caption or Mrs. Claus does. LOL!


Smarty pants... :O


I have a couple of the curly toed ones. They're good for those on a diet! Christmas time is the time for dieting, didn't you know? LOL


Oh, what fun! Love the curly toes (not much room to shove goodies down there though!). ;D