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Bats are very helpful to people, and their presence should be welcomed, especially if you want to rid the area you are in of mosquitoes. One little brown bat can eat 1,000 mosquitoes in JUST ONE HOUR! With a lifespan of almost 40 years, a little brown bat can eat a LOT of mosquitoes!

Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight.

They can "see" what we can't, in the dark, using echolocation. Bats emit ultrasonic sounds and then listen to the reflected sounds (or echoes); from the reflections their brains build a detailed image that includes distance and textures of things in the environment. Bats can hear teeny sounds while emitting 15 signals every second and listening for the echoes of those sounds, too, all the while flying at up to 60 miles per hour! Bats can tell the distance of walls and trees and insects, they can tell the difference between hard- and soft-bodied insects, and they can "see" and avoid wires as thin as a human hair!

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Thanks Hanne --- I love your mouse saying! Thanks :~))


Why didn't my comment show up?? Well, I LOVE bats, I've had one in my hand once it was such a fine little animal!! Thanks so very much Mandy!! As the little mouse said when he walked with his mother in the dusk and a bat passed them, "Look Mom, an angel!"


Oh whatnauts, you made me smile... and after I picked the "cutest" bat images I could find!! My husband said I should make tomorrow's puzzles about chickens!!! LOL!!! :~)))

LOL Katie - I was thinking that the bat would settle down to sleep as soon as a light appeared, and therefore putting lights on would be counter productive. The catch it in a towel method seems like a good idea.

Yikes, Rosie - having to give a child rabies shots could not have been pleasant for it or for you. My Dad had them when he was a child (he's now 95) and still remembers they were very painful. I was wondering about the UK restrictions... but despite all the comments here, I've never seen one in the UK... you'd have thought we'd be inundated with our restrictions!!

So glad you enjoyed this one, thanks Pat :~)


Love it thanks Mandy....


Sorry Mandy. This is one day I don't want to celebrate. I don't dislike them just think they are creepy and had to give someone a series of rabies shots after he had been bitten by a bat until the results of the tests and necropsy came back and the child screamed everytime I came in the room---bad association for me. But thanks for the info and interesting about England and the restrictions on bats. They are so plentiful that I don't understand that. Will have to find out why. Rosie


Your response to my comment made me laugh Mandy! Rest assured, I leave on whatever lights were already on when I first see the bat in the house and then turn on the kitchen light as that's the location of one of my outside doors. Luckily most rooms in my house have doors that can be closed so I can "trap" the bat in one room. But imagine me ducking every time it passes near - even though I know they don't run into things. I might try the catch it in a towel and take it outside method mentioned next time.


It was interesting reading all the comments, but I can't bring myself to solve the puzzle - that's too up close and personal. (Shudder!) I'll wait and see what tomorrow's puzzle brings us. Thanks for the info,monza.


LOL - shazzaannie - I did try to find the cutest bat pics I could, as I felt there might be some slight resistence!!! I'm glad you enjoyed at least that one!!

That sounds really interesting gemstone... I think we could be looking to mother nature for many more cures to modern day ailments! Thanks for mentioning it :~))


Just watched a news story on how they are studying "vampire" bat saliva as the new stroke treatment/prevention. Scientists reproduce it in the lab synthetically and find that it dissolves clots faster with fewer side effects than other meds.

Urgh!! bats - they always remind me of those old horror films. having said that the picture of the babies in their dishcloth blankets is very cute.


I don't blame you Sissel, I'm sure I would hate knowing bats were flying around me in the dark... maybe you can get something to discourage them from coming in through the windows... like a mesh or something similar??

It's probably my laptop Wendy... it's very temperemental (sp?)!! I just tried again and it worked fine!! I remember seeing lots of bats flying overhead when I was staying in Cairns... it was amazing... the stream of black flying creatures was mindblowing... and noisy!!! Thanks for that link... it makes the bats look very cute too... if only they were all so harmless!!


Mandy, I just tried the link again and it works fine. There's one part where the bats look like the birds in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."


Hi Monza - one thing I can say is that I dont like them in my bedroom around 22-23 at evning/night(several times experienced) :-)))))


Magda I do understand, and also know that not all bats are as worthy of appreciation as others!! Anything that startles a person can be scary no matter what!!

What a wonderful experience for you and those students Ardy... I wonder what he did during the night when the students and staff had gone home??

Edie, you are the epitome of an animal lover... except perhaps for those mossies??

You are very welcome John, I'm glad you enjoy it and appreciate your letting me know :~)

Nice to "meet" you riveroad. I hope he found somewhere else too... by the way I love your avatar... it reminds me of a boxed puzzle I had as a child which I absolutely loved!!

I have images of you chasing around your house in the dark Katie whilst waiting for the bat to fly into a suitable room!! LOL

Celebrating the sun shining is an excellent thing to celebrate Barb... I wish we could celebrate it every day!!

Nice to see you here 861260 - I use my favourite search engine... Go ogle!!

Oh Pat, what a shame about your lovely kittens!! However... your excellent hunter cats were very naughty to bring a bat into the house!! Poor bat.. probably didn't want to be chewed either.

Thanks Wendy, for some reason I can't open that link... I got the advert at the start, but then it says "an error occurred" and to try later. I will look for it another way... that's so weird!! Bats are protected in the UK... we're not allowed to disturb them in any way... and we have to get licences even to observe them!!

Thanks Sissel - from what I've read of the comments below they seem to be very curious about human habitats... and often enter houses... I've never seen one where I live!!


Thanks for the "information" :-))) - we have them from april to october - 2 days ago we had a dead one in the window in the livingroom in the morning. I got my husbond to take it out and now we close down doors and windows when it gets dark. We have lived heer since 1986 and they have been heer every year. Dont know where they live - but NOT on my roof :-)))


We've had a few bats that have 'visited' my daughter's bedroom in the summertime. She leaves the window open and eventually they leave. No problem.

Here's a short but very interesting video on bats-
They can have a wingspan of up to 6ft.
100,000 bats can all share a grove of trees.


I understand that bats are normally our friends, but years ago when we had many cats (our male and female had kittens before we got her spayed), most of them still too young to have been inoculated, they brought a bat into the house, and were all chewing on it. It turned out to be rabid, and we had to put the kittens down. So I have mixed feelings about bats. Sorry!

How did you get such cute pictures


Can't honestly say I like bats, Mandy, and not sure I'll be celebrating bats today. More likely I'll be celebrating the fact that the sun is shining. But thanks for another informative WK puzzle. Always fascinating. :-)


I've had a few bats get in the house. I wait for it to fly into a room with an outside door and prop it open - eventually it will find it's way out. I wouldn't mind having more in my neighborhood to eat those pesky mosquitos!


I had a Christmas bat this year. I suppose he decided to spend the winter in the Christmas tree box that was in the basement. When I brought it upstairs, he woke up and took a cruise around the house. I caught him when he landed and set him free and hope he found somewhere to spend the rest of the winter.


You are a mine of information thanks jb :-)))


Look how cute they are in their little pouches. I like bats. Have a lot of them here because of the pond out back and the thousands of mosquitoes it produces. Had one in one of the upstairs bathroom last week. Still don't know how it got in there. I carefully picked it up in a towel and carried it outside. I think they get a bad rap. Thanks Mandy


Hi Mandy, My first year of teaching I had to teach one class in the science room. For part of the year there was a resident bat. He hung from the top of a chart frame and slept. We all knew not to bother him. They do bite and they do carry rabies. Another really interesting and different day. Thank you.


No, sorry Mandy, I am not with you there. I hate bats. There are lots in Pakistan, and they enter the houses sometimes, when the light is on. I was always scared of them---don't really know why, they are harmless, but anyhow, sorry.