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THEME: "Horses" Out riding yesterday - Sawgrass Island Preserve in Central Florida

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lovely photo of you, nice to see you out and about


Oh my that looks great! It is so cold and windy with snow expected tonight. I know the whole nation knows it was 77 here yesterday. But with our drought, the air is so dry it can change temperature easily. We are all brown.


Hi chickiemama, yes it is a very nice riding area. Sandy scrubpine land.
Josie - sure use the photo. Fine by me.
Gail - who knows what my feeble brain was thinking at the moment. I look aggravated.


It looks like you want to get on with the ride. And who can blame you on such a beautiful day!


Oh my, you must have been a mean old teacher, scary, even. I hope you don't mind, I have stolen this for my horse collage. Let me know if it is not OK, I'm working on it now. Hugs old girl.


Wow, how lucky for you. Wish I was riding on that trail.


Hi Jo. In fact, he does not like standing still with his head up. He likes to try to grab whatever is handy to munch on and seldom stands nice and still. I was probably impatient with him, by the look on my face. LOL


What a beautiful setting!! Perfect centering of you and Dakine, (?) in the photo!! He seems to like posing!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Wish I was there!! :)


Yes, lauralyn, we love riding there. It has both sunny and shady trails. If we weren't in the 7th year of a drought, there would be lakes and marshes. The land is owned by the Lake County Water Management, but right now there is no water there at all. Thanks, aggie, it was indeed a gorgeous day.


Gosh, I don't look happy, but I was. The weather was spectacular and in the high 70s. Probably already had an achey back/bottom. LOL


That looks like a great trail for riding.