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bird at the suet cake

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A female downy woodpecker feasting today. Yesterday two chickadees were dining at this feeder.


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Thank you, Schutkleur and A3ana.

It is very nice to have visitors to the feeders and to the puzzle. ; )


Nice picture Rose


It`s a beautiful photo Roseheather. I posted 3 more for you, to show you "my" woodpeckers feed the same way:DDDDD


Thank you, Texasstar7. You made my day! ; )

I too hope you get some woodpeckers. They are fun to watch.


I just got some feeders yesterday, and it was photos like this that inspired me. I so hope that I get some woodpeckers. Thanks, Roseheather.


What a curious comment, Fodus.

My "children" are in their mid to late forties and both are married and gainfully employed. We didn't have any pets when they were children.


Thanks, PLG. We are just lucky to be able to photograph some when they are there. We also have times when there are no birds at the feeders. ; )


Did you know that people spend more on their pets than on their kids?


I love how you always have birds at your feeder. :) Thanks, RH!


Thank you, Chickiemama.

I was on the phone with daughter, and saw the downy. Called to my husband and he came and captured its image.


Nice shot roseheather.


We have red-bellied woodpeckers at our feeder, Laurajane, and I'm guessing that they go to that for the black-oil sunflower seed. Most likely they will start on the suet cakes as you have predicted. ; )


I bet it will start to snowball. Once other birds see your downy on it, they will muscle their way in, too. I get red bellied woodpeckers and nuthatches in addition to downys and hairys on mine.


Thank you, Laurajane.

We have waited and waited for visitors, and perhaps they were coming when we were not looking but these were put up about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. We have another suet cake on a hook near our seed feeder.


I love the downys that come to my feeder. They are nice to watch and they can be quite bold. Looks like you have given then something to feast on in the bad weather. Great photo, roseheather!