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Neon Fractals! (medium)

81 pieces
140 solves
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Kirsten - the nice thing about Jigidi is that we get to fall in love over and over again. And NO, we are not being fickle or heartless! ROFL!
I fall in love with yours all the time. And a few other Jigidiers tug on my heart, too!
Thanks for the sweet comment!


WOWSER!!! These are amazingly beautiful Jan!! Such gorgeous colours and textures!! Sigh. I'm in love. :))))


Neon is the best. I actually would love to have some in my house......sigh. Thanks so much, Mariasha and Hanne!


Indeed they brighten up!! Thanks so very much Jan!!

Who doesn't love neon? Thanks for brightening my morning!


Barb - Thanks so much! At this time of year, we all need warm and vibrant! :D))

Ardy - Thank you so very much. I do know that you love to share - your warmth and upbeat spirit - with everyone!


I loved the BOARDS so much I had to come and do the real mccoy... they are breathtaking, thanks Jan :~)


Jan, I hope this is a regenerating puzzle, cause I want them all. I will share if I have to but these are so lovely that it's too hard to choose. That top left might be a teeny bit more special than the rest. Thank you for all these beauties.


These are so warm and vibrant, Jan, just what I need on a bitterly cold day. Love the bottom right, and the centre one. :-)